Diets That Really Do Work and Have Been Around For Awhile

I am sure most everyone has seen about every diet imaginable, from the ridiculous to the real ones that have stood the test of time and everything in between. Did you ever stop to realize that most diet plans are actually a business at the core, and an extremely successful one at that? Some market research was done back in 2005 and found that Americans spent more than forty eight billion dollars trying to lose weight and that is up almost fifty percent since 1989. The key to losing weight does not come pre-packaged in a quick fix or magic pill unfortunately. Success in dieting comes from seeing it as a long-term approach, combining a healthy balance of diet and lifestyle. The following are a few diets that work.

Glycemic Index

Glycemic Index, also known as the GI diet, is a popular diet often chosen by diabetics that ranks carbohydrates depending on their effect on glucose levels. It encourages low GI carbohydrates since they keep glucose and insulin levels balanced without fluctuating throughout the day. Some of the foods allowed in this particular diet include some fruits and vegetables, some pasta, plain yogurt and whole grains.

Jenny Craig

A personal mentor helps to create a diet that is tailored to an individual’s weight-loss goals and needs, and helps by being a motivator, encouraging the individual to keep with the plan. Clients are able to choose menus that are already created or create their own that incorporates Jenny’s brand of foods in addition to fruits and vegetables. Some of the foods allowed in this diet include cereal with skim milk, Jenny Craig’s chicken fettuccini and her own pumpkin soup.

Macrobiotic Diet

This particular diet is basically simply low fat and high fiber. It is essentially a vegetarian diet emphasizing vegetables and whole grains. Some of the foods allowed in this diet include beans, brown rice, fish, local fruits and vegetables and soybean products.


This basically consists of organic foods that do not have pesticides, preservatives or sweeteners. This diet focuses on fruits, vegetables and whole grains, while steering clear of processed foods or any that contains trans-fat. Some of the foods allowed in this diet include beef, chicken, free-range eggs, hormone-free milk and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables.


This diet comes pre-packaged with fiber, low-glycemic carbohydrates and protein and it conveniently is delivered to the customer’s door. Individuals on this diet plan eat 5 times per day, which includes Nutrisystem foods as well as fruits and vegetables. Some of the foods allowed are Nutrisystem’s apple-cinnamon oatmeal, beef tacos and cream of broccoli soup.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has expanded to group sessions, online support and personal mentors. There are two plans from which to choose. One is called the core plan that does not calculate points but only consists of eating nutritious foods. The other is a flex plan where the person can eat the food he or she wants but controls the amounts by sticking to a point system. The exact foods allowed depend upon which plan is chosen.

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