Fun Delicious Weight Loss

With so many people trying to lose weight, but getting frustrated in their efforts, it’s probably time to look at the real ways of losing weight. What things do you see people doing left and right trying to lose weight but being unsuccessful at it? How about these?

  • Drinking diet soda
  • Having only coffee for breakfast
  • Using meal replacement shakes
  • Doing aerobics
  • Walking briskly
  • Trying to get into the high intensity workouts sold on TV (without being able to sustain them)
  • Buying “low fat” foods and snacks

Do any of those things sound like you? If so, then you know that they don’t work. But why are millions of people doing one or more of those things to lose weight if they don’t work? Well, they have been told that they should be working, or that eventually they will work.

Overweight people are being sold a bill of goods. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s simply that there’s an obvious lack of knowledge about why people are overweight. Let’s look into what people who are not fat, or who used to be fat but who successfully lost the weight and now keep it off, are doing. For being slender is a lifestyle, not a “goal”.

Sweet Potato Fries, Anyone?

One thing that makes losing weight so hard for so many is our cultural love of starchy foods. French fries, loaded baked potatoes, pasta, pizza crusts. We pack on the starches, and they stick to our insides. Starches are basically chains of sugar molecules, you see…

How can you get around this craving for starches so that you can lose weight? Our culture has a love affair with the aforementioned foods, and they’re very inexpensive, too. The answer is to trick your taste buds with replacements for these starches.

Sweet potatoes aren’t really potatoes. As such, they are not loaded with starch. But they are loaded with vitamin A. Get some sweet potatoes, peel them and slice them up, and fry them in olive oil or coconut oil. (Those are very healthy oils.) Get out your non-HFCS ketchup or your non-HFCS mayonnaise, sprinkle on the sea salt, and trick your conditioned appetite into thinking you’re eating French fries.

For a baked potato or pasta replacement, eat your rice. Wild rice and brown rice are the best, but even white long-rain rice or Asian “sweet” rice will do. You can slather on the real butter (that’s right; real salted butter is actually healthy for you, and it’s margarines that are terrible for your health), throw on some spices, and eat to your heart’s content. You can even try non-sweetened spaghetti sauce on your rice.

You can make pizza at home replacing the crust with a soft tortilla, the kind use to make a large burrito. This is quick and easy to make, and it lets you indulge your love of pizza while still losing weight.

Other Important Tips

  • Make your exercising fun-dance, bicycle, play racquetball, etc.
  • Replace all soda pop with fruit smoothies or club soda flavored with lemon or lime juice
  • Never skip breakfast
  • Don’t use meal replacements, just replace the foods in your meals with healthier foods
  • Avoid foods that contain trans fats, MSG, or partially hydrogenated oils

Weight loss can be fun and delicious. And permanent.

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