Spicy Weight Loss

We have an epidemic of “fattiness” today. Millions of people need to lose weight. A ridiculously high number of people are obese.

Being fat is no laughing matter. If you’re fat, you feel less attractive (with good reason). You also are at high risk for a wide array of other health problems, including liver failure, heart disease, and diabetes. Overweight people also don’t handle stress nearly as well as slender people.

But, what can you do to lose the weight? If you’re like millions of other people, you have tried and failed. Or, you are intimidated by what you’ve been told you would have to do. It all sounds so grueling and not at all pleasant that you just throw your hands up and say “I’ll take the consequences of being fat, because doing that won’t kill me nearly as fast as losing weight!”

Smart Loss

You just have to use your smarts to lose the unwanted pounds. Being smart certainly doesn’t mean killing yourself with a diet of cardboard or combat training workouts in order to melt off the undesired pounds. You have to know and use strategies for weight loss. Successful weight loss is a thinking person’s endeavor.

So, what are smart things to do in order to lose weight? Weight loss begins with making changes to your diet. But this certainly isn’t about going hungry or eating cardboard. You need food for energy, and your food should taste great. You just need to develop some different tastes and some different eating patterns.

Try Spices

If you’re overweight, you’re regularly eating at least some bad foods. But why would you be doing that? Simplicity itself. They taste great! You want the apple Danish or the cinnamon roll, not those bland green vegetables.

But…who doesn’t love some great spices? To get yourself into the habit of eating your broccoli, spice it up. You can sprinkle on sea salt and ground black pepper. You can throw on Cajun seasoning. If you’re into hot foods, try ground red pepper or a hot sauce on your veggies. And there are many delicious all-purpose seasonings that you can buy.

When you spice up your veggies, you’ll eat a lot more of them, and consequently they’ll fill you up while giving you dietary fiber and real nutrition. You won’t crave nearly as much of that sugary stuff that is keeping your fat.

Keep It Simple In Your Kitchen

Preparing your own foods at home is surely the best way to stay on a healthy, non-fattening daily diet. But, we are very busy people today. Fast food and take-out pizza has its appeal because of its speedy delivery, or because after a two-minute phone call we can return to our activities and just wait for the food to show up. How to fend off the temptation to get take-outs or order out instead of cooking? Keep nutritious, delicious foods in the kitchen that can let you prepare a healthy, filling meal in 10 minutes or less.

These ingredients can include: bags of pre-washed greens; yogurt salad dressings and vinaigrette dressings; frozen vegetables; spices; cans of black beans; containers of pre-cooked rice; cans of fruit cocktail without sugar or corn syrup; hard boiled eggs; blocks of cheese or bags of shredded cheese; and pre-cooked lean beef, pork, poultry, fish, and seafood. These are just some ideas, but you can easily see how easy it would be to put together something filling, delicious, and healthy in less than 10 minutes with those ingredients always on hand.

So, by eating well and eating delicious, you can lose weight. Permanently.

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