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Why Choose a VERANDA Outdoor Furniture Cover

The reason is clear, so clear it’s transparent and RUNS OFF the fabric cover instead of collecting on seats and tabletops. The Veranda outdoor furniture cover collection from Classic Accessories has a proprietary protective system called Gardelle, which allows you to have the best of both worlds – elegant fabric on the outside and mildew and mold-free furniture on the inside. Look at how water beads on the fabric, then rolls off. Nevertheless, the Veranda covers don’t solely rely on treated fabric to protect your furniture. They have an inner lining, or rather an undercoating, that’s PVC so moisture and dirt won’t penetrate to harm even expensive wooden garden furniture sets. Each cover has a skirt that repels splashes, and the pliable canvas-like fabric won’t crack even in icy weather!

For when it’s windy, the covers include straps and closures that attach to the legs of tables, chairs, lounges, land even barbeques. They stay snug and secure because there’s also a cord that’s elastic and runs around the lower edge of each chair or table cover. Despite being well covered, the furniture won’t get musty, moldy or stale smelling because each of the Veranda outdoor furniture covers has an air vent. That means that even when covering resin furniture or glass table tops there’s less condensation and less chance of damage even during long winter months. The air vents prevent wind lofting because air can pass through so the covers won’t act like parachutes – filling with air, tumbling, toppling over or sailing off the deck or patio.

Another feature of the Veranda patio furniture cover design is that every seam is constructed using an interlocking system for added strength while keeping moisture / dirt out. When covering chairs, tables and outdoor equipment like heaters, lamps, umbrellas, air conditioners, barbeques or fire pits, use the easy to grip handles to slide them on and off.

Installing the Veranda Outdoor Table and Chair Covers

They’re easy to install using the handles to lift and slide over furniture, but it’s a good idea to make sure that sharp edges and corners are not poking and stressing the fabric.

If there are sharp corners (especially on square tabletops made of glass or wrought iron), it may be a good idea to cut pieces of sponge and wrap them around protruding corners. However, in most cases, if a large enough outdoor furniture cover has been chosen, they’ll glide over furniture without stress to the cover or the furniture.

Make sure that the covers are pulled all the way down and that the lower elastic cord is tightened to cinch everything in place. Then wrap the strap fasteners around the legs of chairs or tables and secure them with the Velcro so everything stays where it ought.

Above, we’ve shown examples of the Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Chair Cover that’s designed for chairs up to 35 inches high / 28 inches wide. To purchase other sizes / styles of the Veranda outdoor furniture covers, click an image and you’ll be taken to a page where you can make personal choices and shop securely.

Caring for Your Outdoor Chair Covers

The covers for chairs, tables and other outdoor accessories can be cleaned before storing during summer months. The best way to ensure that the protective coating on the fabric remains water-resistant is to brush off the dirt and wash with water – not hot – just lukewarm. They can be hosed down so long as afterward they’re thoroughly air dried in the sunshine before getting packed up. The covers must be TOTTALY dry before storing, especially if they’ll be packed for several months of the year.

It’s important NOT to use soap, detergents or cleaning products to wash the covers. The protective treatment that keeps the fabric waterproof may be adversely affected by cleaning products and therefore should be avoided.

Why has the Classic Accessories Veranda Patio Loveseat Cover received rave reviews? Because it’s durable, easy to care for and practical. Customers agree that Veranda is one of the top outdoor furniture cover designs, and many who buy them are tough clients to please due to where they live – often near coastal regions where humidity, heavy rains and strong winds have made other patio covers useless. The Veranda fabric is indeed easy to care for, despite being a neutral canvas-type material that’s soft and pliable. Although there are more expensive patio furniture cover designs and many that are cheaper, the combination of price vs. quality is difficult to beat.

Choosing the Right Outdoor Furniture Cover for Each Piece of Furniture

The Veranda outdoor table cover designs, as well as their accessories covers, are not designed for specific brands of furniture, however, since they have various sizes, it’s important to measure your table and chair sets very carefully. In some cases, especially those that cover dinning sets that include the table and the chairs under one single cover, it’s important to measure the total dimensions including the chairs placed around the table. It’s better to err on the side of a little large than too small.

Take a look at the Classic Oval Veranda Patio Table and 6-Chair Cover Set that’s 108 x 82 inches, which means that the table and chairs together can’t be longer or wider than these dimensions. Don’t make the mistake of just measuring the table alone – you may need a size larger. Since the Veranda patio furniture cover sets are available online, you can avoid problems with returns by being cautious with initial measurements.

More than Just Patio Furniture Covers

The Veranda collections include covers for patio, deck and garden furniture as well as accessories. Here are some products you can buy easily and affordably online:

1. Veranda Adirondack Chair Cover – Classic Accessories 71932 Veranda Adirondack Chair Patio Cover costs just over $40 and will ship from Outdoor Living Showroom. This water repellent outdoor furniture cover will fit Adirondack chairs that measure up to 33.5 inches by 31.5 inches, and as high as 36 inches.

2. Canopy Swing Cover– Classic Accessories Veranda Canopy Swing Cover costs around $85 and will ship though Amazon.

The cover is designed to protect the entire swing from the canopy to the seat, and drapes over the legs with a skirt. Measure your swing to ensure it will be adequate – no more than 78 inches long by 60 inches wide and no higher than 72 inches to the top of the canopy.

3. Chair Slip Covers – Classic Accessories Veranda Chair Slipcover is a unique accessory that can be used all year round because it’s designed to make a simple resin or plastic chair look elegant. It fits standard resin chairs with arms and transforms them into seats for dinner parties, weddings, and any indoor or outdoor event. These indoor/outdoor chair covers are versatile and practical and affordable at just over $14 each. Buy a set of four or six and drape over even the ugliest chairs for a whole new look!

4. Chaise Lounge Cover– the Veranda Patio Chaise Cover comes in the natural pebble color made from water-repellent fabric that will protect lounges that are up to 66 inches in length. This item is priced under $40, and when ordering within the United States may qualify for free shipping. (If you’re worried about sun, dust and harsh weather conditions destroying these outdoor chair covers, take note that some of the happiest customers are from Arizona and Texas, where sweltering hot summers and sand storms on uncovered decks are frequent, and yet the Veranda covers stood up to the challenge.)

5. Ottoman or Side Table Covers – the smallest Veranda Ottoman or Side Table Covers are square and start at just over $25. The larger ones cost just a couple dollars more. Measure your tables to see which size suits your needs. The larger versions fit a table or ottoman that’s no larger than 26 inches (square) and no more than 17 inches high.

6. Outdoor Chair Covers – Veranda Patio Chair Cover designs include choices in sizes and colors including standard and high-back models, and colors that are all neutral, but vary slightly. Prices start at just over $30, and all include the water resistant material that’s treated, the hemline elastic cord and the leg straps that hold the covers in place.

How To Shop

Many of the items that you can order online and are distributed through Classic accessories, will ship from different warehouses and retailers, however you can order on the secure Amazon system by clicking any of the images and making your selections.

7. Patio Loveseat and Bench Covers– the Veranda Patio Bench Cover, can also be used for loveseats so long as the bench / loveseat isn’t longer than 50 inches. The color is the classic Veranda pebble, which is neutral. This bench cover is roomy and versatile for a variety of seating styles and costs under $40. In the US, it may include free shipping.

8. Outdoor Table Cover – the Veranda Patio Table and Chair Set Cover comes in a variety of sizes, such as the 94 inch and the 108 inch set, the larger oval XL version, or the smaller bistro outdoor table cover that also protects a couple chairs.

Prices range from $48 to about $90 for the very largest of XL table covers. The outdoor table cover pictured here is the Bistro Patio Table & Chair Set (that retails for $48). For other sizes, click images and make other choices.

9. Outdoor Chair Covers for Stackable sets – the Classic Accessories Veranda Stackable Patio Chair Cover costs about $42 and will protect a set of 6 standard chairs with arms. This is one of the most practical ways to store extra seating, even during the summer, keep dust from colleting on seats of chairs used for guests, by covering them with this easy to use protective fabric. Use this setup indoors or outdoors!

10. Porch Rocking Chair Cover – the Classic Accessories Veranda Porch Rocker Cover is one of those items that not everyone needs, but if you have a rocker, finding a cover is a bit of challenge. That’s why the outdoor chair covers in the Veranda collection are so great – they have everything anyone needs to keep ALL their patio and garden furniture protected year round. It costs about $36, and can be bought as a matching set with other chair and outdoor table cover solutions in the exact same material and colors.

11. Market and Garden Umbrella Covers – there are several options for Veranda Patio Umbrella Cover designs. One is the Patio Umbrella Cover model 78902 that fits a 125 inch umbrella and costs about $22.

The other is called the Veranda Offset Umbrella Cover and costs about $50. Both have the same features as the furniture designs such as an elastic cord around the base and handles for easy set-up / removal. They also have air vents for mold / mildew and condensation prevention and are made of water resistant fabric. The umbrella covers are also equipped with a zipper for extra easy access.

12. Amongst other products in the Veranda furniture cover collection are items such as Smoker Covers, Fire Pit, Grill and Barbeque Covers (a variety of models and shapes), Standup Patio Heater Covers, Fountain Covers, Air Conditioner Covers and even funky Log Rack Covers that can be used indoors or out. Additionally there’s a versatile Garden Cushion Bag (officially called the Veranda Patio Cushion Bag, Pebble) that’s designed to hold both seat and chaise lounge cushions. This is a practical solution too cushion storage problems because it’s water resistant, stops dust and mildew and is really affordable – around $30.

For more ideas on choosing outdoor cushions for chairs, lounges and swings, consult related post that offer advice on outdoor fabrics and top brands that are durable as well as affordable. We also offer tips on choosing outdoor blinds, deck furniture, and even recommend some practical alternatives to extra shade, like freestanding garden awnings.

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