Caravan Awning Sizes Designs and Prices in The UK

Motor caravan awning designs from Bradcot, Eurovent and Dorema are the ultimate in outdoor patio covers, even if they aren’t part of your home patio, garden or deck. They add outdoor living space and comfort to summer holiday travel and camping and allow more enjoyable daytime and evening use of your motorhome.


Caravan porch awnings and caravan awning annexe designs by Dorema are similar in that they are designed for the hardy campers and travelers who appreciate being able to enjoy campers and motorhomes all through the year and therefore feature waterproof material that is innovative, lightweight yet durable and aluminium frameworks. Unpredictable weather, extremes that go from sizzling hot to freezing, and the desire to not allow such extremes to inhibit outdoor enjoyment, make Dorema porches, awnings and annexes some of the best on the market. Check your dealer for the seasonal discounts that can save you up to £200…for example, we’ve seen some of the caravan porch awnings on sale for about £470, down from over £670.

For about £430 you can get a complete awning like the Hacienda design by Dorema, however the larger sizes are over £600. You can get the right size by using the measurement chart provided by the company.


For comparison purposes here are some other choices. Let’s look at what’s available in Bradcot caravan awning models. The first one we recommend because it is the most affordable is the Active.

One of the advantages of the Bradcot caravan awnings is the ability to create your own open space or closed space by altering the 5 pieces that can be opened or closed, for lounge style, leave it open, for an enclosure with a side window for ventilation, close the material.

The Bradcot designs are made from Ten Cate which is a polyester that’s coated and is also heat reflective and also has a steel frame or can be altered and ordered with fiberglass. When you order your awning you will also receive curtains, pegs, ladders, ropes, storage bag, wheel cover and draught skirt. The awning itself , in the case of the Active model we’re talking about, offers a projected space of almost 2 and a half meters. That’s a large patio where you can relax, cook, sleep or play outside and not be restricted by the inner area of your camper or motorhome.

The units are slightly more expensive than the Dorema, but not by much. The Active costs about £499, which is only about £69 more than the Hacienda by Dorema. Both offer fiberglass frame options, both use the Ten Cate material, both come in similar sizes, colors and designs, so in the end it will come down to small details like curtain fabric and design. The Bradcot Active, in our opinion is more classic, with soft white curtains and delicate accents, while the Dorema styles, colors and patterns are more colorful, modern and bold.

Eurovent Caravan Awning

Although the caravan awning for sale by Eurovent is similar if you choose the same size as the other brands, yet one advantage is that you can select smaller versions that are much more affordable, like the Anjou porch awning for just £285 or the Sierra for just £109. Naturally these are smaller porches that are about 2 meters by 2 meters, but it does allow for some extra outdoor space at a very bargain price.

There’s even a version called the Space-Lite that is just under £90. The large porch caravan awning designs that are most similar to the other above mentioned ones would be the Eurovent Soleria, which costs about £380 and is also made from Ten Cate and has a steel frame that’s Zink coated. Although they are the best cheap caravan awnings, the price difference between the three companies is not all that large. So if style is a determining factor, then you’ll notice that the Eurovent models are the ones with most “country” appeal since they have gingham or plaid accents for curtains.

In conclusion, the findings on the three top companies in the UK that make awnings for caravans, the most expensive tend to be the Bradcot, next the Dorema and last, or cheapest are the Eurovent.

Standard Sizes and Extra Deep Designs

Just one final note: caravan awning sizes are standard at about 2 or 2.5 meters deep, extra deep ones will be 3 meters or a little more. However, they can be 7 to over 10 meters in length, in other words, they will extend from the length of the side of your trailer, camper or motorhome, and may even have additional extensions or annexes that go beyond.

Summer Holidays At Home

If you’re not planning on motoring about this summer, but will be staying at home and having friends over for barbeques, you may be in need of some ideas on how to get the most out of your deck or garden by using outdoor patio covers, sunshades, awnings that extend from windows, or complete patio enclosures or garden gazebos. Learn about rattan and wicker furniture, patio cushions, decorating ideas, Teak furniture, and how to protect your outdoor furnishings with vinyl and polyester covers by following our related topics. But if you have a motorhome and have decided to get an awning, and you have an area at home where you can park and enjoy the outdoors, you may be able to make your camper or motorhome a place where you camp or just relax under your caravan awning without motoring anyway at all.


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