Corner Summer House Wood Garden Buildings and Small Cabins

Wooden Summer House Designs With Windows

If you have a garden area with a couple meters of space in a corner that’s not being used, one of the best ways to take advantage of this is by adding a summer house. Some of the most affordable wooden models are crafted by Hallmark, like the Solis corner designs that are not only functional, but decorative. They include such extras as glazing and long glass double-doors. They take up about 1.33 meters of width space and are just 1.84 meters in depth. They are perfect height for walking into at 1.98 m tall. They are well constructed with the traditional tongue and groove system, while the roof is one solid sheet of mineral felt material. Aside from the main doors, there are also two other glass windows. All units are protected with a styrene glazing and a basecoat treatment.


If you’re in the UK, the price is just £455 and the delivery (within mainland UK) is included. It takes about two weeks for your summer house to arrive at your door.

By the way, if you have a little more space, try the 1.43m X 1.43m design for just £595. The features are basically the same, it’s just the size that’s different. You can also pay for complete installation, but we believe it’s not very good value because this adds about £250 to the price, and it’s possible to assemble on your own. We highly recommend doing it yourself (it usually requires two people).

The octagonal garden summerhouse designs in wood that are also made by Hallmark, such as the Avon Buttermere styles, are practical and delightful additions to a classic English garden. These are about 2 and a half meters wide by almost 2 meters deep and are almost 2 meters high. They also include doors and windows as well as a glazed wood exterior finish. For £850, we believe this is good value because everything is included.

There’s a slightly smaller version that costs only £745 and offers the same features in a more compact style. Either of the Avon houses can transform an ordinary patio deck or garden into a charming space. Placed near a pool, these little houses can serve as change rooms. In a corner, under a tree, they make ideal children’s wooden playhouses. On a deck, they may be used for serving tea or as shelter from the sun, and placed away from the house, they can be beautiful storage sheds with shelves for gardening products, even a spot to starting seedlings. Although not sold as a greenhouse, they could be a great place to start bedding plants in the spring.

The deluxe wood summer house designs that are not exactly cheap, but certainly offer ample space and lots of great features, are the ones like the Henley houses crafted by Forest Garden. These are timber summer houses that measure 274cm in width and 242cm in depth and are 303cm in height. The floor is made from wooden boards and the doors are wide (190cm x 86cm) with locks that are secure. The special extras are that the timber has been treated with an anti-rot solution and is therefore guaranteed for 15 years. The roof is crafted with felt tiles so that it looks like it has shingles. The door has safety glass as do the windows, which open from the bottom to let in fresh air. The kit comes complete with instructions ready to be assembled. How much does all this cost? About £2,150.

One of the more versatile and affordable units that can be ordered as a kit is the Launceston collection which is by Forest Garden. The model that’s 2.79 meters high, 2.14 meters wide and 1.99 meters in depth (actually really large for the price) also includes 4 panoramic windows and a French glass door. In this case the timber is not guaranteed or treated, so it will require yearly maintenance and treatments against termites and rot. However, as wood houses go, this is one that’s priced right at £875, which includes free delivery.

Hillhout Log Cabins and Garden Buildings

Since having a wood structure that requires yearly treating may not be ideal, there is another option, and that is ordering the Hillhout log cabins and garden buildings that are distinctive and fully pressure treated. Choose from the luxury collections like the Newfoundland Grand log cabin that is 420cm in width and has a 200cm terrace extension (or a 320cm terrace), and also comes with double doors, felt roofing shingles, and 28mm thick logs for all the walls, or choose some of the smaller, more affordable garden buildings.

The same styling, which is somewhat alpine, is available in the economical versions that fits in most gardens. These summer houses are timber buildings (or log cabins) that are wide and thin and have terraces or porches that are ideal for sitting and reading. Inside, the depth is not what it appears from the outside. They are much smaller than they look on the inside because they are designed to accommodate a large porch. The interior space is less than 2 meters in depth, although the width is the same.

All the kits come with doors and windows, but you can add more as you like if you place a custom order. You can also add side storage areas or extend the roof in one area to have added coverage for storing firewood or garden items. You can also order window boxes and add roof drainage systems like gutters and eaves (which is recommended). By the way, the design that we’ve featured is called the Salland Log Cabin, which is in fact a wooden summer house that is maintenance free (as stated it’s been fully pressure treated against termites and rot.

One of the smallest log cabins by Hillhout (which can double as a garden storage shed or a little house to sit in the summer), is the Letland. This is a very versatile house that comes in five sizes, but all are large enough to be a small writer’s studio, office, or weekend garden hideaway for one (or two).

If you want something you can customize in many different ways, choose the Lapland design by Hillhout. This unique little wooden summerhouse can be placed in a corner, on a deck, in a garden, hidden or in the open. It also comes in 6 different sizes and you can choose windows and doors and all the features of the larger models, even extensions and extra openings. The prices of these models is really affordable, starting under £2,000 and going up to a little over £1,800 for the largest design. Just remember that these are bespoke cabins, imported from Holland, and therefore you will need to give a deposit of 25% of the total price. You will not be charged the rest of the price until the order arrives to your garden, which takes about 2 weeks.

These garden summer houses, in many cases look like full cabins or homes where you could live. And certainly you can have a marvelous holiday in your own backyard. However there are many people who extend the use of their garden summer houses into year-round places for working. Writers who need a small private studio are finding that these buildings are ideal, as are many people who work at home and want a small separate building where they can have their office.

With a little ingenuity, there’s no reason why these summer house creations can’t be equipped with electricity for internet, a small heater, stove or fireplace for cool winter days, a bed for guests or romantic getaways, or even a library. The uses of a separate building on your property are endless. Only you know what your priorities are and what needs a corner summer house or a full log cabin will satisfy.

You can find all these summer houses for sale online. The Hallmark and Forest Garden designs are available through several dealers such as Internet Gardener, and the unique Hillhout creations can be found through Garden Site, Taylor Garden Buildings and other reputable online garden and timber buildings dealers.

For more information on garden buildings, from sheds to Gazebos (and even German Gartenhaus styles that are unusual and high-end treated wood), please refer to related topics. We also provide recommendations on where to get quality outdoor furniture, patio furniture that’s cast aluminum and resin wicker that’s maintenance-free, ideas for protecting your tables, chairs, loveseats and benches with patio covers, and where to get vinyl and aluminum roofing systems and patio enclosures to extend the use of your outdoor spaces.

If you need a porch awning that offer shade and are automated or retractable or motorized and remote control, or if you’re looking for a solid Carport Kit to keep your vehicles protected, or if you need Caravan awnings for your motor vehicles when on holidays. We have what you need when it comes to outdoor living, not only in the summer, but all through the year.


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