Curtains Screens Netting for Garden Gazebos

An Outdoor gazebo with curtains; canopies and replacement tops; unusual designs and ideas on how to cover wood, metal and steel gazebo designs; curtains, screens and netting for portable and permanent fixtures, coverings for spas and hot tub areas; where to buy accessories like canopies, draperies and mosquito curtains and vinyl curtains for winter to protect your outdoor structures and enhance their seasonal use – all this and more is what Outdoor Patio Covers brings you in this week’s review.


We couldn’t pass up telling our readers about a recent discovery that has to do with patio covers and gazebos. It’s a wonderful family run company simply called Mosquito Curtains, but what they offer is anything but simple. No matter what style outdoor setting you have, be it open patios of stone or wood, decks attached to a back or front area, front porches or a lounge areas, pool houses or a hot tub enclosures or garden gazebos, there’s something that will peak your interest at Mosquito Curtains. Why? Because they offer beautiful, stylish yet practical patio and gazebo covers that replace the need for enclosures, gazebo tents, screens and even canopies. How? With special netting that’s created exactly to your needs, knitted, heat cured, dyed to the color you desire, which also acts as barrier against mosquitoes and other insects while not inhibiting the outdoor openness with glass or vinyl.

For freestanding garden gazebos of all varieties, be they wood or steel or aluminum, and even for patio decks and porches, they offer several kinds of netting and mesh curtains. The heavy mosquito netting mesh is very durable and has 230 holes/ sq. inch, which is perfect even if you have to work with areas that have masonry. This is a very strong and heavy duty product that can protect your space without stopping the flow of air or the view.

They also utilize a standard mosquito mesh for their curtains that is less expensive than the heavy duty variety, but still only has 270 holes/ sq. inch.

They have a fun product called No-see-um Mesh, which blocks the teeny little gnats that you can’t even see without inhibiting your visibility. It’s black, but when you look out from inside these screened gazebos or patios, it seems as if there’s nothing there at all. It’s all an optical illusion, but one that has been very well engineered to keep you comfy inside with the little critters where they aught to be, outside and not getting in.

Won’t this type of curtain or screen tear?

No, not without actually cutting it. The product that’s used can’t be ripped, not even from a raw or unfinished edge. It’s also very difficult to snap even when exposed to bricks and thorny plants and animal claws. The bulkier and heavier mesh coverings are best kept smaller, like for 25 feet widths. If you desire a more fluid style curtain, then you can choose the softer No-see-um netting that is also an elegant way to accent open patios and outdoor gazebos.

You can also choose to screen in an area with removable screens that are attached with tracks or Velcro. This allows you to have a livable space that’s protected during summer, but can be removed during winter and left open. By the way, the fabric curtains and screens are all washable.

If you have been considering buying a gazebo replacement top or curtains for wooden gazebos or protection for over your steel gazebo tents, you should seriously consider the mesh netting options offered by Mosquito Curtains.

When people build a waterproof gazebo, they often forget about the practical side, since they tend to be decorative items for a garden or porch, but cheap gazebos can be made into versatile and useful spaces for dinners and parties and even day to day relaxation if they are adequately protected from too much sun, and from annoying insects.

Think about creating gazebos spa areas that are open to the breeze, but still screened off, or why not enclose your hot tub with some drapes that can be drawn to keep out the evening bugs. Add gazebo lights without worrying about being eaten alive, and create a tent-like feel that isn’t just a bunch of useless decoration but an engineered device to keep out even the tiniest pests.

If you’re still just looking at patio cover options and looking at gazebos plans at your nearest home improvement shops and through online kit dealers, you should first get some ideas on what’s possible without creating a total enclosure that’s very expensive. Save some money and start by deciding if simple screened gazebos or porches might not be better than encapsulated enclosures that use aluminum or vinyl or wood and glass to seal off the outdoors.

Open yourself up to some unusual outdoor living possibilities by using patio, porch, deck or gazebo curtains to create your beautiful, practical space.


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