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The DuraMax (10.5 by 15.5, 13 by 18 or up to 29 feet in length) prefabricated garage kits, with reinforced metal columns and roof trusses, also have maintenance-free vinyl walls. DuraMax garage kit packages include a roofing system strong enough to withstand heavy snow loads (around 20 pounds per square foot), and the double doors open 7.3 feet wide. These prefabricated garages not only provide the strength of steel and the no-maintenance features of rust resistant, mildew-proof, non-corrosive, dent-free vinyl, but are elegant structures that come in a neutral beige to match contemporary house finishes. They don’t look like basic metal garage designs, but most importantly, the roofs, being supported by steel yet having vinyl outer panels, don’t create irritating noises, typical of tin or metal roofs, when it rains.

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The most affordable portable garages in the DuraMax collection measure 10.5 x 15.5 feet and provide sufficient space for storing such things as lawn tractors. It’s easy to park them because the garage kit comes with an access ramp so driving vehicles inside is effortless. An additional feature of the DuraMax prefabricated garage design is that it has two sets of doors, one that’s double wide for vehicle entry and another side door that allows for quick access.

The basic garage kit costs under $1,800 and includes what’s required to assemble, however it’s possible to add windows to personalize the units.

Choose larger models such as the ones that measure 10.5 fee wide and over 20 feet long. These garage kit designs are over 7 feet in height.

The overall design and structure is the same for all the units, although the dimensions vary. For example DuraMax offers the vinyl / reinforced metal garage kits in a barn-style that’s 13 feet wide, and another version, which is slender and measures 10 feet by 29 feet long.

Order your prefabricated garage online from trusted dealers – just click and choose your desired model.

Arrow Carport Kits

Carport kits that are built of steel with a durable, maintenance free vinyl coating are the best all-weather choices. Arrow makes one of the most affordable steel carports that retails for around $1,000 (which is the 10 by 10 foot model) and a little more for the 10 by 20 structure. Both are open, but have a steel frame, a complete roofing system, and can be assembled easily over a driveway or cement slab almost anywhere.

Many of the Arrow steel carport designs can be used for protecting marine vehicles, farm equipment or added to a front porch or backyard for covering recreational vehicles that are used frequently.

The first model that’s recommended is number CP1010, which offers 755 cubic feet of space and is over 91 inches high. The second model, CP1020, is also 10 feet wide, but is double in length, providing over 1,500 cubic feet of space. Both items can be ordered online and will be shipped as complete steel carport kits that can be assembled by armatures, as a DIY project. Everything comes cut to exact measurements and pre-drilled ready to be put together with basic tools.

The Arrow steel carports that are sold as kits can be ordered online and come with the standard 15 year limited warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Alternatives to Steel Carports – A Look at ShelterLogic Garage and Carport Kits

If you don’t live in a region where there are extremely heavy snowfalls, you may be able to choose a more affordable alternative – an aluminum carport that’s a metal frame with a large canopy covering. These designs are lightweight and practical for residential use or for protecting farm equipment, marine vehicles, RVs and tractors.

It’s possible to use the aluminum carports as portable garages, meaning they can be moved with considerable ease. In fact, a cement pad isn’t necessary since the portable carports can be set up on grass, wooden surfaces, or on any flat space of ground. ShelterLogic is the company that makes one of the largest varieties of aluminum carport designs in several sizes; all prefabricated, ready to assemble.

One aluminum carport option is to purchase the framework and then choose the canopy kit that suits your needs. Why? Because you can decide if a canopy is enough or if you need sidewalls or an enclosure for more protection – including netting.

The ShelterLogic 12-Feet Super Max Canopy Accessories Enclosure Kit is priced between $100 and $135, and the ShelterLogic Aluminum Carport that measures ten by twenty feet, and has an eight-leg support structure with a canopy roof and fully enclosed screen kit, costs just under $270.

Buy just the ShelterLogic aluminum carport legs and canopy for about $180. Order any one of these packages or single items online and receive free shipping within the US.

Please note that the above aluminum carport and portable garage alternatives are “affordable”, not steel structures that are permanent. These canopy style kits are intended for use in regions that do not receive heavy rainfall or snow that will accumulate on the canopy roofs. The carports are lightweight and protect vehicles and equipment from UV rays, dust and drizzles, but the manufacture’s warranty doesn’t cover damages associated with severely inclement weather, storms, the weight of snow on a roof, or other natural weather-related problems. It’s highly recommended that the structures not be considered protections from storms, snow, ice or strong winds.

If you require heavy duty carport kits or garages, we suggest DuraMax, Arrow, VersaTube or American Steel structures – and yes, you’ll have to budget at least a thousand or more for a solid carport or garage.

For more information on steel sheds, steel garages and heavy duty metal carports, please browse related posts that offer product reviews and shopping guides for outdoor shade structures that can withstand any kind of weather.


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