Elliptical machines vs Treadmills for Aerobic Exercise

You actually will get a highly effective aerobic workout by using either an elliptical exercise machine or a treadmill. For the most part, you should let your health and fitness objectives establish whether or not you select an elliptical or a treadmill, or even another type of exercise equipment as part of your exercise routine.

Nevertheless, elliptical trainers may well present a few positive aspects over treadmills like the following:

Easier on the Joints:
Using an elliptical trainer is less stressful on your joints including your back, knees and hips when compared with jogging or running on a treadmill. On the other hand, walking on a treadmill puts about the same pressure on the joints as exercising with an elliptical machine

Overall Body Workout:
In contrast to treadmill machines, most elliptical machines are generally designed with moving upper body grips and / or poles, much like skiing poles. These make it possible for you to achieve an overall body workout, strengthening both your arms, legs, back and even core area.

The majority of elliptical machines allow you to pedal in reverse, which enables you to exercise your hamstring and calf muscles a little more than the forward motion allows.

Low Impact:
Working out with an elliptical machine is typically regarded as low impact. An elliptical machine is actually a good option to running, whether it’s on treadmill or outdoors. An elliptical trainer won’t result in knee pain for anyone who is working with it appropriately. You could possibly encounter knee pain, however, if you’ve got an underlying knee issue, for example degenerative arthritis. With some knee injuries, you may be better off using a stationary bike rather than using an elliptical machine. Have a discussion with your health care professional regarding which exercise option is best for you if you have got any personal injuries or health conditions.

Training For a Run:
If you plan on training for an upcoming event like a 5K run, using a treadmill is more than likely a more effective option for preparation for the event. Nevertheless even when running or jogging is your primary aerobic health and fitness interest, cross training using an elliptical machine or any other low impact workout equipment will help keep you healthy as well as prevent over load injuries.

Time Saver:
Working out with an Elliptical saves time because it provides an overall body workout. You can exercise your upper body area because of the handles and the smooth motion of the foot pedals work out your core, lower back and legs. This is great for individuals with time constraints.

If you decide to use an elliptical machine as part of your workout regimen, be sure to use good posture in order to get the most out of your workout. Concentrate on keeping your shoulders back, your head up high as well as your abdominal (core) muscles tight. Always look forward, not down at the floor to avoid bad posture and neck strain. In addition, be sure to avoid leaning forward on the elliptical’ s handles. Let the lower area of your body support your weight.

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