Eucalyptus – The Best Alternative to Teak Patio Furniture

The new teak is eucalyptus! Hard wood outdoor furniture in eucalyptus is durable, weather resistant, not prone to deterioration from mold, mildew or termites, and doesn’t rot when exposed to the elements. It’s denser than teak, weathers in a similar manner, yet the cost of eucalyptus wood outdoor furniture is lower, often half the price.

The wooden outdoor furniture pieces we recommend, which you can order through this site, are not only durable, uniquely designed, finely crafted and extremely affordably priced, but environmentally friendly, FSC certified, derived from sustainable sources and responsibly produced.

Why Eucalyptus Instead of Teak?

Although eucalyptus classic / casual furniture designs are as sturdy as the teak ones, they tend to be lighter, making them ideal for patios and decks because they’re easy to move. They’re also great for around a pool, hot tub or spa because they’re impervious to water damage and moisture won’t cause them to rot or disintegrate like other woods.

Eucalyptus pieces, just like the teak patio furniture designs that are more expensive, require very little care, in fact oil can keep hem looking like new.

After a year or two, eucalyptus can be sanded, oiled and refreshed, or left with its rustic weathered appeal that requires almost no care. Washing the wooden outdoor furniture pieces is okay, and they’ll dry naturally if left in the sun.

Have a look at what happens to eucalyptus wood when oiled versus how it looks when left to weather. The comparison is courtesy of Strathwood – specialists in eucalyptus wood outdoor furniture.

How affordable are the eucalyptus casual furniture designs?

While it’s difficult to find outdoor teak furniture that’s under several hundred dollars for a single piece, the items available in the wooden outdoor furniture collections by Strathwood are extremely affordable. For example, a set of stackable chairs, crafted in a modern slat design, measuring proximately 22 X 19 inches with a height of 36 inches, cost under $200.

The chairs are sold in sets of two, but can be stacked four-high to save space when not in use.

If choosing these chairs, it’s possible to create a complete dinning set with other pieces of modern outdoor furniture in the Strathwood eucalyptus collections. Look at the many possibilities for mixing and matching:

Modern Outdoor Furniture Sets

Dinning sets that are modern, weather resistant and can be left untreated (or oiled for a prolonged life) made entirely from eco-friendly wood, include tables that are extendable and slat-style chairs.

There are several series that can be matched or mixed-up for unique looks. Choose wooden dining chairs, tables, benches, outdoor bar stools, and accent pieces like storage boxes, all made from eucalyptus.

1. The cheapest teak patio furniture alternatives – Sheffield hardwood collection

In the Strathwood Sheffield collection of casual furniture there are only three basic items, but each is ideal for creating custom dinning sets with the best teak alternative – eucalyptus. The first set of chairs is the pair of stackable ones mentioned above, which cost under $200.

There are more elaborate ones called the Sheffield Dining Armchair, also sold in sets of two, for just a little more. One of the features of both the armchairs, and the armless ones, is that they’re stackable.

Customers who’ve purchased the Sheffield eucalyptus chairs, instead of high priced teak patio furniture, have commented that they offer exceptional value for the price. Considering that each chair costs under $100, it’s almost impossible to find a similar modern design with such durable construction in teak.

To complete the set, add a dinning table that’s oval and extends over 82 inches in length – that’s almost 7 feet long!

The Sheffield Oval Expandable Table is reasonably priced at around $400.

Create a five piece outdoor dinning set using two armchairs and two armless chairs, plus the table, and spend about $700 for everything. This is one of the most affordable and practical teak patio furniture alternatives that can be ordered online and comes with free shipping within the USA.

2. Ultra Affordable Eucalyptus Wood Small Patio Furniture Pieces

If you have a deck or patio that’s limited in space, you may not be able to accommodate a 6 foot dinning table and matching chairs.

One of the best, and most affordable options for small patio furniture items is the simple, yet practical, Strathwood Folding Hardwood Armchair set, which includes two chairs for around $100.

Match these with the Folding Hardwood Bistro Table (also by Strathwood) and costs $79.99.

The complete three-piece bistro set, an ideal combination of small patio furniture pieces, costs about $200, or under $300 for four chairs and the matching slat table.

3. Gibranta Wooden Outdoor Furniture – benches and coffee tables in eucalyptus

If you have a contemporary dinning set and need to match other pieces of wooden outdoor furniture to complete the garden, poolside or porch are, consider the Gibranta series of benches – ideal for extra seating. All pieces are crafted in eucalyptus wood and come with white cotton cushions.

The Gibranta collection is made up of three basic matching items:

  • all weather Hardwood two-seater Bench
  • all-season Hardwood Arm Chair set(set of two chairs)
  • eucalyptus Hardwood Coffee Table
  • Mix these pieces of Gibranta wooden outdoor furniture with the small bistro items, or with the Sheffield collection – all are eucalyptus and have a similar casual slat-construction.

4. Eucalyptus Wood Outdoor Furniture for Open-air Bars

With a similar casual style (using slats in eucalyptus), choose the Bradford wood outdoor furniture collection that’s specifically designed for customizing a home bar.

Better than teak, and much more affordable, create an all-season outdoor bar with one (or several) of the high bar tables that are round and measure 41 inches. The table is priced under $100 so there’s no reason not to buy more than one.

The Bradford wood outdoor furniture series includes a set of high bar stools that cost under $200 for a set of two. Add cushions and have a comfortable place to entertain guests.

Bradford pieces match Gibranta and Sheffield collections, so go ahead and mix them up.

5. The Top Modern Outdoor Furniture Choices

Teak, eucalyptus and even the latest resin and cast aluminum collections come in modern outdoor furniture styles that are sleek and clean-lined for contemporary themes. The top Strathwood collections to choose are:

the Falkner Dining series of pieces made from tubular cast aluminum – very chic, with white deep seat cushions.
the Grand Isle Dining collection is also made from cast aluminum and offers swivel chairs, sleek contemporary design and a wide variety of modern outdoor furniture accents that are simple and yet elegant to pair with glass and geometric pieces.
the other series of modern items is the Rawley Collection, also by Strathwood, which is a contemporary cast aluminum design with a touch of a decorative element. This collection is somewhat “transitional” by design so it can be used with both classic and contemporary accents.
as an alternative to teak, the best modern wooden pieces are in the Strathwood Sheffield Dining line that’s constructed of eucalyptus hardwood and is affordably priced.
the Bradford line is crafted for outdoor bars. The contemporary pieces are clean and crisp, with a slat design that’s not fussy or overly ornate.
the Balboa Collection is upscale but the pieces are geometric, especially the sectionals that can be used to create contemporary shapes and accented with glass tables.
for all weather resin modern outdoor furniture pieces that are contemporary with a soft touch (like rounded chair backs) and woven wicker-like material over rust resistant frames, the Padre Dining furniture is ideal and can be mixed with other weather resistant resin items from series such as the Cypress Bistro Collection and the deluxe Camano lounge and patio products. Camano has a sectionals that area sleek and contemporary with low squared backs and crisp edges, including white seat cushions and a rich mocha color resin weave around solid powder coated steel frames.

6. The Padre Resin Patio Furniture Line by Strathwood

There are several resin patio furniture collections in the Strathwood lines, but the Padre resin wicker dining table is a hit because it’s large, round and has a solid weave top that’s easy to keep clean. It can be ordered for about $250.

The resin patio furniture in the Padre line (and the Cypress and Camano collections) can be mixed to form unique sets. There’s also a line called Buckley, however, at the time of writing is sold out, and it’s unclear if this resin patio furniture collection will become available again or has been permanently discontinued.

We recommend the Camano series of resin furniture pieces that can be fitted together with deep seat cushions or used to accent specific areas by mixing with the Cypress line.

The latest resin designs are chic, elegant, sophisticated and can be paired with vibrant colored, geometric motifs or classic natural tones with traditional wicker and woven mats. Prices start under $100 for tables.

7. Unusual Casual Furniture Items

Casual furniture doesn’t get much more casual and comfy than a hammock. The Strathwood Strathwood Sunbrella Hammock Bed is one of those items that makes lying in the sun a pleasure.

What’s great about the Strathwood hammock is that it’s designed to resist water damage; made from the famous Sunbrella outdoor fabric, which doesn’t fade and is stain resistant. It comes with a wooden bar that spreads the hammock like a bed. The wooden stand is sold separately. The 6 foot hammock costs about $140. The arched stand, which is made of cypress, is officially called the Solid Cypress Wood Arc Hammock Stand, by Green Star Outdoors.

Speaking about the ultimate in casual furniture, the Portable Folding Hammock can be used on a deck or carried to the beach in its own little bag. It costs just under $80, and is comfy and water resistant. Shop online for this item.

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At Outdoor Patio Covers we have the products and decorating ideas you need to make any yard, deck, porch or garden a comfortable place.


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