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Outdoor gazebo plans and designs; wooden gazebo kits ready to assemble; design a garden pergola yourself; backyard marquee tents for around $199 in the US and pop up gazebos and folding metal designs for sale online in the UK from £15 to £100 – at Outdoor Patio Covers we know where to find the top garden gazebos designs and we show you how to build a gazebo in your yard or as an addition to your deck or porch by using beautiful prefabricated kits. We also suggest inexpensive pop up designs and portable marquee tents that are an affordable alternative to enhance your outdoor living space.

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Where To Buy Wooden Gazebos

The best places to buy wooden gazebo kits will depend on which country you live in since you should order from manufacturers and distributors in your own region to keep costs down. There are very different designs and huge price variations depending if you are in the US, Canada, Australia or the UK. We offer suggestions for buying options primarily for those in the United States and the UK.

In the US, Countryside Gazebos is a fantastic place to purchase some of the most intricate and beautifully designed outdoor gazebo models that are prefabricated and ready to assemble. One of the reasons we recommend their products is that you are not limited to just one or two designs, but have dozens of options and also you may design your own garden, deck or patio gazebo to suite your specific needs. For example you can choose to create a freestanding hexagonal gazebo that fits over a hot tub in a garden or over a deck, or you may want a small patio gazebo that is an extension to a porch and matches the wood or specific design of your house.

Outdoor Gazebo Cost Considerations

Please keep in mind that building a wood gazebo addition is a luxury and is not cheap, even prefabricated kits will cost several thousand dollars.

Naturally you can try to save some money by hiring a builder in your region and creating a simple design of your own, however even the most basic gazebo plans are not so simple because they are usually freestanding buildings that require a platform, a support structure, a solid roof, usually shingled and decorative features like spires and latticework or carved or doweled posts, as well as screens, doors, a variety of window styles and ventilation options.

Even an open style backyard wedding gazebo will cost a couple thousand dollars if it’s made from wood. If you’re on a very limited budget, or need a pergola, marquee tent or a wedding gazebo for one specific occasion, it may be best to rent one for the day instead of building a wooden structure. Another alternative is to but an affordable pop up style folding aluminum gazebo with a fabric roof. We will discuss these options further in this article. For now, we will focus on the designs that are available in solid wood from Countryside Gazebos.

Countryside Gazebos For Sale Online

If you choose to go with one of the prefabricated designs, you will have about a dozen to choose from. The options, aside from size variations, are things like choosing pine with screen openings or selecting a maintenance free vinyl framework. If you think the vinyl option will look cheap and plastic-like, then you haven’t seen the latest designs that are very elegant and can have cedar shakes or shingles or any style roof to give it an even richer look to match your home.

Wood Gazebo Plans & All Inclusive Prefabricated Kits

The basic designs start at over $5,000, but these are solid pine octagon designs that are 12 feet and include everything including the screens, , the cupola roof, cedar shakes, flat baluster railings, the decorative upper trim, and all the posts and braces. You can specify shingle color or type, add a paint or varnish to match your home, select trim and accessories of your choice, choose different window and screen options, or even add a design element of your own. The screen gazebo designs are naturally the best since they will keep the insects out and make the structure much more versatile for small dinner parties or barbeques.

You may also choose 14 feet designs or 12 feet by 18 feet styles that are oval or rectangular in shape. If you prefer a custom sized 10 x 10 gazebo for a small area or adding to a deck, then you can go to the design your own gazebo section and choose a smaller than standard plan. You will be able to view your structure as you design it online by going to the Virtual Designer option. It’s fun to watch your creation being built before your eyes, and alter items to decrees or increase the price as you build to suite your budget. When you’re done, if you like what you see, you can click and order what you’ve created and everything will be sent to you. If you require a builder to put it all together you will need to add about a thousand dollars more to your budget, so if you and a few friends can do it on your own, you can save some money by not hiring a contractor.

One final note about building a freestanding structure or addition. Although it may seem to be a small item you’re adding to a garden, it is in fact considered a building and in most places you will be required to obtain a building permit before starting to put up the structure. Check the building codes and permit requirements in your region beforehand just to avoid trouble. If you want to avoid permits and contractors then perhaps you may want to choose a portable gazebo tent or the many lovely metal and pop up gazebos that are not only much more affordable, but can be put up and taken down seasonally and will require no permits.

Pop up and Metal Gazebo Designs

In the US, there are marquee tents and metal designs that are practical and affordable alternatives. In the UK, there are also a similar item that are usually referred to as pop up gazebo structures or portable gazebo tents. In essence they are similar, however, the UK has more variety in the quick portable and pop up models, and the US has more options when it comes to semi-permanent metal, wrought iron and aluminum gazebo models.

Let’s have a closer look at all the designs and what you can expect to pay and where to shop. In the UK, the most affordable pop up gazebos are available online through Argos. They are very practical and cheap, starting at just under £15. Here’s what you get for that price: A steel frame and a polyester roof that’s 2.4m square. It comes packed flat and can be assembled quite easily by two people. Since it is a lightweight model, the entire unit being just 6.5kg., it is not recommended for use where there will be strong winds or inclement weather. It has no screens, so it is mostly protection from sun or very light rain for a garden party.

There are other models for £29, £39 and even u to about £65 that have various different features. Some are metal gazebo structures with canvas or polyester walls and have screens and flaps that can be put up or taken down, and others are gazebo tents more suitable for carnivals or festivals or as street booths. Gazebo awning designs can be placed on a deck or patio and the larger screened gazebos can be placed in a grassy garden or outdoor area and have protection from mosquitoes and a little wind protection should you use it at the seaside. They can be wonderful additions to a day at the sea with the children, serving as a place to change, a lounge area for mum and dad, and a shady place for a beach picnic. For a full day by the seaside or for a weekend party, a £40 portable gazebo may be just the thing.

However, we recommend a slightly more expensive design for the garden or home patio. It’s available at Argos and costs just £69, but it has a touch of elegance and is very versatile with clear screens and zip panels. Here’s everything it includes: It has complete closure with fly screens and four easy access entrance panels that zip and unzip, and two fixed panels. I comes in a lovely blue and creamy colour designed polyester fabric that drapes over a steel frame. It ‘s 4 meters wide and 260cm high, so it has ample space for a table and chairs, or cushions and blankets or whatever you desire to relax on, even a couple lounge chairs. It’s supported by cords and pegs, however it still is not a good source of protection against high winds, so it’s best used on warm sunny summer days. We suggest this item because we feel it is the best value for your money taking into account size, versatility, openness and pleasing esthetic design for casual or semi-formal use.

The larger party gazebos, which are 6m by 3 meters, rectangular in shape, and can be closed or opened and have small windows with screens, are practical also, although somewhat less esthetic, and cost about £99. For a large screened gazebo this is a good price, however, it is not an easy up gazebo by any means. It will take some men a bit of time to get this model up and ready for a function.

Portable Gazebos For Sale In The USA

Some of the best designs and most affordable pop up styles in the US are available at places like ACE Hardware, The Home Depot and Target. Even Amazon has some models that well worth taking at look at. Perhaps one of the best is a design sold through ACE that is just under $80 and is very stylish for garden parties or relaxing without too much sun. It’s called the Astonica, and it’s a 10 x 10 gazebo with a steel powder coated frame and a lovely taupe fabric covering. It’s also one of the few elegant waterproof gazebo designs in that price range, great for protection from surprise showers.

If you can afford to spend just a little more for an elegant wrought iron or metal gazebo, we highly recommend doing so. The difference is massive in terms of esthetic appeal. For about $199 to just over $200 you can have a very stylish wrought iron gazebo from Home Depot that could be used for a wedding or almost any function that’s formal or casual.

The variety of gazebo canopy replacement designs is what will make all the difference. For example, there are canopies that start at just $129 that are really chic and elegant, and complete sets with draped fabric awnings that would make any wedding or outdoor party a delight. Some of the more elaborate styles cost between $190 and almost $400, some include the frame, some are just the drapery or awnings that can be used on any appropriate size steel or aluminum frame. However, even the more expensive designs may be a very practical alternative for a wedding gazebo since they cost almost as much to rent for a day or weekend. The beauty is that they all fold up and can stored for summer use and not just for one event.

The one we feature here in the image costs just $188 from Home Depot and is 10 x 10 gazebo that’s portable and easy to assemble spontaneously. It includes a steel frame, the stakes for inserting into the ground to give it stability and all the cords you need to attach it, as well as all the gorgeous draped netting you see in the picture and the fancy valance and curtains and a storage bag.

If you’re looking for a more permanent fixture that’s not made of wood and is very affordable, you must see the dreamy fantasy designs that Home Hardware has to offer that costs just over $400. This ornate, 10 foot high garden gazebo is octagonal and offers 43 square feet of space. The solid steel structure is rust resistant and powder coated with curved arches and curled decorative floret accents. This French style gazebo masterpiece is an ideal choice for one special occasion or for a permanent garden or deck fixture since it comes with the appropriate brackets to anchor it and make it permanent. If you are searching for gazebo plans and finding that all the wooden ones are thousands of dollars and just not practical for a short summer season or a one day event, then just imagine this delicate metal gazebo in your garden or on your wooden deck, draped with white curtains or adorned with flowers or just left as it is.


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