Unhealthy Ways of Losing Weight That Can Be Harmful To Your Health

Many people these days are trying to lose weight. With so many focused so intently on how much they weigh and which diet to try next, there are actually some ways which are harmful that some get sucked into because they just have to be a certain size or weight. Just a few of those ways are over the counter weight loss pills and supplements, skipping meals or even starving themselves (anorexia) or binging and purging (bulimia) also known as dangerous eating disorders.

1.) The 1st unhealthy way of trying to lose weight is by smoking.

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While nicotine may decrease appetite, the many dangers of smoking outweigh the very few pounds you might lose. Smoking is very harmful to your entire body, increasing risks of cancer and other diseases and shortens your life span. It also is harmful to those you live with by their breathing in your second hand smoke. Quit.

2.) The 2nd unhealthy way is by using drugs other than prescription ones.

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Some people use illegal drugs in hopes of feeling better but also to lose weight. These people are playing a deadly game with their lives. Those who use cocaine or speed in hopes of shedding some unwanted pounds are asking for a lot of trouble, not only with their health but also with the police. If you’re using, get help.

3.) The 3rd unhealthy way is by engaging in extreme exercising.

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While extreme exercising has its time and place, for instance on the very popular television show “The Biggest Loser”, trying to jump right into those types of almost military type exercises can be harmful. Remember that the people on that show are highly supervised and the trainers know what they are doing. Unless you are one of those contestants, leave the extremes for them.

4.) The 4th unhealthy way is by using HCG.

There are mixed reviews about using HCG but there is more evidence leaning towards the use of this being a poor choice to losing weight in a healthy manner. The main reason is that a person’s calories are severely reduced to around 500 calories per day. Your body will react to that thinking you are starving and will pack the pounds on while you get hungrier and hungrier.

5.) The 5th unhealthy way is by severely reducing your calorie intake.

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Severely cutting your calories with an extremely low calorie diet will surely have you lose some weight yet you will be losing muscle and increasing health risks. You may actually be gaining fat which is what you’re trying to avoid, and with increased fat comes the risk of developing type 2 diabetes to name just one serious health risk.

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Talk to your doctor thoroughly about how you can safely lose weight, how many calories your particular body needs and how much exercise you should be getting along with sticking to a healthy diet. Healthy weight loss is typically about 1-2 pounds per week (your doctor can verify that or change it for your weight loss plan.

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