Wood Gartenhaus Pavillons, Gartenhaus Kinder and Gartenhaus Holz

Looking for a unique outdoor gazebo alternative? Try German gartenhaus pavillons, carport coverings and wintergarten houses for adults, and for children: gartenhaus kinder, which are little playhouses at their best.

Wood Gartenhaus Pavillons; Image: riwo-pavillons.de

This article isn’t intended to be a German lesson, but some of the very best and most unusual and delightful garden sheds, small houses, pavilions and gazebos are in fact the German gartenhaus holz and gartenhaus selber bauen and the beautiful karibu gartenhaus and spa-like weka gartenhaus that offer carports, saunas, pools and small yard houses made of wood.

If you live in Europe and want a very beautiful addition to your garden, yard, deck or outdoor space, try some rustic or finely finished German engineered pavilions and gazebos alternatives and enjoy the outdoors more fully.

Gartenhaus Kinder ; Image ebay.de

Let’s take a look at what the options are from a few different companies.

The Weka Gartenhaus line has everything from small houses to open gazebos, perfect for summertime barbeques and outdoor dinner parties with friends. They cost about 2,000 euros for the complete kits. You will have to arrange installation on your own or hire a contractor.

There are also more affordable little houses like the Gartenhaus Modell Alster which costs just under 700 euros and would make a lovely addition to a garden or patio or even a beach house or small art or writing studio. The possibilities are endless, since these small houses could be guest rooms or pool houses or change rooms, or even little places to escape and read or relax on a warm summer day. These models are designed for adults, but they could also be marvelous children’s playrooms.

The actual smaller versions designed for children are called gartenhaus kinder and are much more affordable at around $40 euros. They are available through several German dealers who sell online like Gartenhaus Shop and Gartenhaus Holtz.

Image: Hansagarten24.de

The karibu gartenhaus is also a lovely option which is versatile for garden implements or for a private space, and they are very affordable at about 332 euros each.

The kits are sold all inclusive and as you can see in the images they even include wood floors.

There are larger gartenhause designs that are in fact small houses like cabins for little escapes on your own property or at a lake or wherever you can have one installed for weekend relaxation. The full houses with windows and doors are called the Bear County Gartenhaus Classic and can cost up to 3,000 euros each. However, when you consider they are a complete little house in the country, that’s actually fairy reasonable.

You can choose a wide variety of floorplans, some even have porches and verandas and some have more than one room.

The prices for many designs are around 1000 to 2000 euros, so you can save a lot by selecting different designs.

There are also designs that are open and others that are closed off. If you want to see a variety of designs you will have to go to gartenhaus de and it helps if you read German, but if not the dimensions and prices are all quite clear and most of the sites have telephone numbers where you can place an order in English.

So if you’re looking for something different, crafted from wood and in designs that have been engineered by experts who know about building garden houses, then give the German gartenhaouse for adults and gartenhaus kinder for children a try.


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