Foods to Stay Away from When Dieting

A good and well balanced dieting plan should not only tell you what kinds of foods to eat but should also point out which foods should you be staying away from. So if you want to take your dieting plan seriously and are ready to go to great lengths just to get back into shape, then here is a list of the kinds of foods and drinks that you should be staying away from when dieting.


Soda is basically just sugar and water, and that’s about it. Nutritionists sometimes call this is one of the most un-nutritious kinds of drinks that you can fill your body with. The phosphoric acid in soda can interfere with the body’s ability to take in calcium. Aside from that, it can also prevent your stomach from producing the right amounts of digestive enzymes and juices and therefore, halt proper digestion. Soda also contains so much calories that your body can ever consume in a day. Studies have shown a high correlation between soda drinking and obesity.


Studies have shown that coffee can increase stress levels in the body, which in turn can lead to weight gain. Coffee can also interfere with your body’s ability to absorb calcium which can eventually lead to osteoporosis and other bone problems. Caffeine can lead to insulin resistance and increase appetite and food cravings. Because of this, you tend to want to eat more, much more than what your body really needs. So if you are in need of some perking up, choose a healthy cup of tea instead. This can give you that same energy boost without the negative side effects.


Alcohol contains high amounts of calories with no nutritional values whatsoever. This means that you are only gaining fats in every glass you drink, and nothing more. Alcohol also disrupts normal sleeping patterns. Although it can induce sleep, this is the bad quality kind which can trigger unnecessary food cravings on the following day. And last but not least: alcohol can also lower your inhibitions. Because of this, you tend to overeat and indulge on things that you should never be having in the first place.

Candy and Chocolate

Candies and chocolates are a caloric nightmare. They contain truckloads of calories and sugar, so much more than what your body should be having in a day. And all of these excess amounts will eventually end up being stored as excess fat. So stay away from these kinds of foods. If you have a sweet tooth, train yourself to start turning to fruit snacks instead. They can satisfy your sugar cravings without the negative side effects.

High-salt Foods

Having too much salt in your body can trigger your entire system to retain and load up large amounts of water. Because of this, you end up feeling very heavy and bloated. So if you want to avoid this kind of imbalance, regulate the amounts of salt you use for your meals.

Although it may take a whole lot of discipline, staying away from these kinds of foods will do you a lot of good. So take on the challenge and be ready to lose weight in no time at all.

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