Deprivation can Result in Weight Gain

Deprivation or denying yourself of the foods that you like can result in weight gain. This does not mean you should allow yourself to eat as much junk food as you want. Of course, you need to eliminate the bad food and concentrate on the food that is healthy. However, many people love pasta and pizza. Taking away these foods make them feel as though they are being punished. There is a solution.

Eat Healthy for Five Days

A plan that works for many people and keeps them from feeling as though they are being deprived of the foods they enjoy eating is to eat healthy foods five days a week. On the weekend, allow yourself one meal each day that is something that you enjoy eating. If you love pasta, on Saturday enjoy a meal that consists of pasta. You do not have to overeat. A regular sized meal with something healthy added, such as a salad will suffice.

On Sunday, treat yourself to pizza. This will keep you from feeling deprived. When people feel as though they are not allowed to eat food that they enjoy, more often than not, this can cause binge eating. The food that they are craving will be consumed in huge quantities and this is the end of the diet. Healthy eating goes out the window and old habits are resumed.

Slip-Ups are Normal

One thing that many people do not realize is they are going to slip up occasionally. When they do, guilt sets in and they may compensate for the feelings of guilt by overeating again. This is the cycle that can cause a diet not to work. The key is to realize that you slipped up and get back on track as soon as possible.

Deprivation is one of the main causes of these slip-ups. Feeling as though you are being punished on top of trying to maintain a healthy diet is often more than you can handle. Therefore, temptation takes over and you eat something you are not supposed to eat.

If you allow yourself to have some of the food that you like rather than denying it altogether, you are far less likely to slip up and go on an eating binge. This is why eating healthy five days and allowing yourself two ‘not so healthy’ meals on the weekend has shown to be far more effective. Make certain that the ‘not so healthy’ meals are limited to one each day. This does not mean you should spend the entire weekend eating only what you like and ignoring healthy foods.

Reward Weight Loss

Another thing you can do besides eating healthy for five days and allowing yourself two meals that you like is to reward yourself for weight loss. This will also help to prevent the feeling of deprivation.

If you meet your first goal of losing ten pounds, treat yourself with something that you have been wanting besides food. That new outfit or a day at the spa can be a treat for accomplishing your goal. The key to losing weight is to make yourself feel good; not deprived.

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