Diet Tips – Useful diet tips to consider

Are you trying to lose weight? Need some extra guidance? Then I recommend you check out these simple diet tips that I have been recommending for quite some time. You never know, you might find something that actually works here:

Eat Raw Vegetables:

There are two main reasons why I recommend that you start eating raw vegetables, the first is that they are not processed. Obviously, if they are raw, then you have not added any fats or sugar to them in the cooking process – meaning that the vegetables are still high in nutrients (as no nutrients have been destroyed in the cooking process) and they have no added fat.

The second reason is that they are high in fibre, meaning that you will stay full for a lot longer. This is compared to vegetables that have been cooked – usually when a vegetable has been cooked, it is softened and loses a great deal of fibre.

Get 8 hours of sleep

Numerous studies have shown that the reason we over-eat during the day is caused by a lack of sleep during the night. Essentially, the body is trying to regain the energy that it would have gotten from sleeping. This is why, it is strongly recommend that you get at least 8 hours of sleep each night. This will limit your desire to snack on unhealthy foods during the day.

Eat 6 meals a day

You should eat 6 times a day instead of 3. This may sound silly to you, but you should eat six small meals, roughly ever 2 -3 hours. This is instead of the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner. The idea is that you body has sustained energy during the day, so you do not feel the need to over-eat at one of the major meal times.

It’s all about portion control: don’t get tempted to pile your plate – these are meant to be small meals.

Use a smaller plate

We do not just eat with out hands and mouth, oh no. We also eat with our eyes – most people when they are serving themselves food, they ensure that the plate is as full as it can be, however – this is a bad choice for somebody that is trying to lose weight. In short, you should use a smaller plate – this will remove you need to fill the plate up with needless food.

In fact, studies have shown that people do not feel full until they have an empty plate in from of them. So if you have a smaller plate, you will fill fuller faster as your plate will be empty faster.


These diet tips may sound simple to you, however, they can be extremely powerful. My advice is to just give them a shot, after all, you really have nothing to lose – except maybe the weight. It is not like any of them will cost you money, in fact, you might even save a bit of money.

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