Losing Weight Through Exercise

Millions of people around the world suffer from obesity, whether a case of being 10 or 15 pounds overweight, or a case of being hundreds of pounds too heavy. Obesity is the cause of a number of serious diseases and disorders, and you need to evaluate yourself to determine if you are obese and need to lose weight. Even being 15 pounds over the recommended average for your size qualifies you as “obese”, so you need to do what you can to get into a healthy weight category.

The Key to Losing Weight

The most important aspect of your weight loss program is your exercise. Simply changing your diet will not be enough, though it is a vital part of the weight loss process. Without exercise, your weight loss program will simply be a different diet that will help you lose a pound or two every month. There will be no effective weight loss without exercise, and exercise truly is the most important part of your program to lose weight.

The Benefits of Exercise

There are many reasons to do exercise:

  • Exercise helps your body to produce proper levels of hormones, an imbalance of which result in balding, weight gain, acne, and a number of other disorders.
  • Exercise keeps your arteries free of blockages that could cause heart disease. This blockage is caused by fat coating the walls of the arteries, and exercise is the only way to burn up that fat.
  • Exercise ensures that you have energy, enthusiasm, and inspiration. People who do exercise note that their levels of energy and happiness are always higher than those who don’t, simply because the endorphins released into the body during exercise are like a “happy pill” that infuses the body with good feelings.

Exercise and Weight Loss

Exercise helps you to lose weight in a number of ways:

  • Exercise causes the body’s temperature to be elevated, which in turn causes the skin to sweat to reduce the temperature. The sweat that is released by your body contains high amounts of salts, which, when left in your body, cause your body to retain water. Toxins that cause your body to retain fats are also released through your sweat, freeing your body to work at optimum levels.
  • Exercise helps the heart pump more blood, which your lungs need to infuse with oxygen to keep healthy. This causes both your heart rate and rate of breathing to be elevated, which is a vital part of losing weight and staying in good shape.
  • When you exercise, your body requires additional energy to power your muscles. When the body runs out of the energy it currently has from the food you recently ate, it is forced to access the energy that is has squirreled away around your body in the form of fatty deposits. The more vigorous your exercise, the more of that fat it needs to access to burn to provide energy.

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