Why Acai Berry is a scam

There are two types of acai berry supplements available on the market, the first is the liquid form and second is the pill form. I first discuss the liquid form, it is actually quite good, numerous studies have shown that it is beneficial to your health. It boost anti-oxidant levels and can improve health generally. The major downside of the liquid form is that it is extremely expensive, a bottle of acai berry juice can cost more than an expensive bottle of wine.

To be honest, I do not think it is worth the high price tag, if you look at the cost vs benefit, it is just not worth it. Furthermore, if you want to achieve the same results, then you could just start exercising and eat a health diet. That will give you the same effect without the high price tag.

Now let us talk about the second type, the pill type. These are a scam. It is really that simple, these are a scam. Scam.

I hope I have made that clear, you notice that I said the liquid form is quite good, with the major downside being the price. Well, some greedy people realised this and thought to themselves, what can I possible do to make a cheaper alternative. I know, I will create some scammy acia berry pills.

Basically, what they use is the left overs from when they make the juice to make the pills, then they dry it out and place it in a cheap pill. There is no nutritional content or vitamins being placed inside the pill, rather it is just the waste product. They realise that people want a cheap alternative, so they give you the pills, saying hey these are 1/10 of the price of the bottles, but really, they are a waste of time.

The problem is that they require a subscription to their site, usually they say oh, we have a free trial. Then you thing, oh, ok I will buy them. When you get the pills, you realise that they were in fact a complete waste of time – however, the company that you bought them from now has your credit card details.

Then what they do is charge you and send you another batch of their crappy acai pills that you do not want. By the time that you receive your pills it is too late, you have already been charged something like 60 dollars for pills that cost them like 2 dollars to make.

If you want to cancel your subscriptions, then you have to go through all the trouble of ringing them, waiting on hold etc and finally after an hour you get through, have to talk to somebody that does not speak English as their first language and eventually they cancel.
I have heard horror stories of women that have been charged over 500 dollars before they realised it. It is just disgusting, those that make the pills on the other hand are now extremely rich. The government, that is the US government, has introduced new rules to regulate them – I would not hold my breath.

You should never, ever buy any of the acai berry pills – ever.

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