Exercises That Might Not Even Seem Like You Are Working Out Part 1

Dancing is actually a very good way to get your cardiovascular exercise, which increases your heart rate while you are having a great time.  When was the last time you went out for a night of dancing (and actually danced…sitting on the sidelines having a cocktail does not count!)  I know that personally it has been way too long and probably around three or four months ago or so.  Yes, it is time to get back out there and have fun!

If you are like many people, you would rather be bitten by a snake before even thinking of getting out on the dance floor and possibly looking foolish in front of everyone else.  The funny thing is that most of those other people are probably thinking the very same thing and aren’t concerned about how you look.  If you just cannot get the nerve to dance in public, you can always dance in the privacy of your own home.

Jumping Jacks is a way to have fun while getting your heart rate up there and is a perfect way to warm up before doing another type of exercise.  If you have children this could be some fun family time together and everyone would benefit from it.  With the rise in overweight and obese children these days, we need to think of them and how to get them involved in working out.  If you have your own home, you can do jumping jacks pretty much whenever you want to, but if you live in an apartment, condo or duplex you will of course need to work out when it won’t disturb the neighbors.

Walking is also a very good way to get your heart pumping and hopefully at a rate that will reach your target heart rate zone.  If you are not sure what your heart rate zone is for your age, height and weight, you can either research it on the internet or ask a personal trainer at a gym.  If you already have a gym membership, they almost always have a chart on the wall that will give you your target heart rate zone ranges.

Walking is a great way to get outside, breathe in some fresh air, get your heart pumping and increase endorphins that will make you feel better and perhaps even sleep better, provided that your walk is not too close to the time of your bedtime.  See if you can find a walking partner if going it alone does not suit you.  If you have a walking partner, that would help to keep each other accountable since it’s much easier to make excuses to yourself for not getting out there and walking.  If the weather does not permit walking outdoors, you can always walk in malls that aren’t overly crowded.

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