Metabolism and Weight Gain or Loss

Do some people have a higher metabolism than others? This is often heard in relation to losing weight. You can train your metabolism to burn calories more efficiently. Diets that drastically limit the amount of food that is eaten can cause your metabolism to slow down. The body believes that it is starving and it will begin to regulate the normal processes in order to conserve energy.

Metabolism can be Regulated

It takes a while after you begin consuming more calories for an adjustment. This can cause your metabolism to remain slow even though you are no longer reducing the amount you are eating. If you are trying to boost your metabolism to burn calories more efficiently, eating several meals throughout the day can help.

This is as long as the right foods are chosen. Breakfast is an important meal. In today’s society everyone is rushed. Breakfast becomes a quick cup of coffee and out the door. Rushing to get kids to school and going to work or to keep appointments means they often skip breakfast. This is the meal that is needed to start the body’s fat burning processes for the rest of the day.

The metabolism naturally slows when you are sleeping. In order to give your body the boost that is needed when you start the day, it needs food to provide energy. This is often the reason for the mid-morning drag that is experienced. When this occurs, people will find something to give them a boost and it is often the wrong food. A donut or a Danish may provide a bit of quick energy, but this often sets up the rest of the day for overeating or eating the wrong types of food.

Eating the Right Meals

When you skip breakfast by lunchtime you will feel as though you are starving. The food that is chosen is full of calories and does little to provide the nutrients that are needed. Protein is needed to give us the energy that is required to keep up with our busy lives. In addition, protein takes longer for the body to break down to distribute the nutrients. The longer it takes for the body to do this, the more calories it is burning. This speeds metabolism.

Another choice is food that contains good carbohydrates. They are needed because they contain fiber. This helps the body to feel full longer and it also takes longer to process. This is why the food that we eat needs to be chosen carefully for the nutrients they contain.

Eating several small meals is often recommended to help the body burn calories steadily throughout the day. When it is burning calories the metabolism is working at the rate needed. The meals should be balanced and contain a variety of the vitamins and minerals that are needed to provide energy and keep the body healthy. Avoid foods that contain empty calories. The major food groups are a good place to start.

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