Best Air Mattress for College Students

Next year I shall be a sophomore at North Carolina State and I will no longer be required to live here in the dorms. I am already pretty tired of it, because my roommate is pretty much an obnoxious tool. In fact he seems to pride himself upon it and I can not seem to get out of living with him. I am going to have to travel light, so I am looking for the best air mattress for a college student. I have already been spending a lot of time staying with my girlfriend. She and her roommate are sophomores and they let me stay over there if I am good, which means that I have to run errands for them. Shell has a tiny bed and I move around in my sleep, so it is not practical for us to sleep in the same bed. They have a couch which is horrible to sleep on. I feel like I’ve been in a fight after I wake up and I get no rest at all.

I have already had one air mattress, which I liked okay while it lasted. However it was not long before it stopped holding air right. I would wake up after a couple of hours and it would be almost flat. Of course the battery powered pump would have waken the dead and it was really hungry for those D batteries. I looked for rechargeable ones, but that was not practical really. Now I am looking for a temporary solution. I would like it if I could find one which really worked well, but I suspect that all of them are going to wear out over time. I am a large person, all of 6 foot 4 inches tall and around 215 pounds, so that does not help matters.


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