Best Way to Lose Fat Around the Belly

I am in pretty good shape all things considered. For one thing I am a 47 year old male with a history of knee problems dating back to a really rough helicopter landing when I was with the 106th Airborne back in the late 80′s. Since then I have had both knees worked on and that made it hard to keep in shape until I took up swimming a few years ago. It got rid of most of my excess weight, but I still had to research the t op fat burners to get rid of some of my belly fat. It was not serious really, but since I had lost about 15 or 20 lbs I wanted to look good without my shirt on. I could have gotten one of those ab workout plans, but I figured I would end up with a bad back if I did. They always used to make sore when I was wrestling in school and my back was in much better shape then.

For the most part these supplements have done the job I expected, but I had to switch on a couple of them. Not sure why it was, but one of the first types I tried made me feel a little bit nervous and twitchy. I have not had the problem since and perhaps it was something completely unrelated. I would be happy if my abs were a bit more defined, but I do not wear a shirt when I am mowing the yard now. I figure that I may as well let everyone in the neighborhood see the results of my hard work. It makes me feel a lot better too, so there can not be too much harm in it. I am going to think about entering some swim meets next, see if I as fast as other old guys in the water.


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