Can I Ever Get Flat Or Six-Pack Abs Part 1

If you have asked that before, you are in good company as I suspect that perhaps the majority of people have posed this question at some time in their life. While there are some exercises and exercise equipment designed to target just abdominal muscles, there is debate whether or not one can do spot exercising and see any kind of results. Spot exercising is focusing entirely on one set of muscles such as the abs and nothing else.

Always be sure to talk with your doctor before starting any kind of diet and exercise plan. Let your doctor know of any health conditions you have, medications you are on, if you might be pregnant, etc. If you joined a gym recently and have not exercised in quite some time, get some individualized training from one of their certified personal trainers and follow their routine for optimum workouts and protection. You don’t want to just start working out on your own and end up pulling a muscle or worse, thus making use of a trainer is a wise choice.

So how on earth do I begin to burn fat from my abs?

  • Discuss with your doctor, personal trainer and/or nutritionist what your target daily amount of calories should be. Let them know if you have any medical concerns, are diabetic, etc.
  • Begin by slowly decreasing the amount of calories you consume each day. Some would say to start by cutting out 250 to 500 calories a day. This is a very good beginning of starting to burn that body fat and make a change in how your body looks.
  • For those who love Coke, Mountain Dew or Pepsi etc., try starting there for your caloric reduction. Trimming out just two 12-ounce cans of Coke will decrease your calories by 280 and even more with Pepsi and Mountain Dew-Coke has the least calories of the 3.
  • Many say it is best to have six small meals throughout the day than the traditional three per day. Focus on that word small though. Once you know your targeted amount of calories to lose weight and burn fat, simply divide that number by six and that will be the amount of calories to eat in each of those meals. Eating more small meals with also help your metabolism to stay on an even keel rather than on a roller coaster if you tend to go too long without eating.

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