Itchy inner ear

Have you noticed that your inner ear has been itching a lot lately, and you can’t help but poke at it or scratch it? This can be very aggravating, and if the itching is a sign of a health issue that has been left untreated, an itchy inner ear can be painful and serious. But what causes an itchy inner ear? It it a sign of poor personal hygiene? Absolutely not. And the reason for inner ear itching may be more complicated than we think.


The most common reason that the inner ear itches is because debris and dust has accumulated in the ear. Other reasons for an itchy inner ear include:

-Conditions of the Skin: Skin disorders can be one of the main reasons that the inside of the ear begins to itch. Allergic dermatitis, eczema, and sebhorreic dermatitis could be the causes of itchy inner ear.

-Dry Skin: While earwax can cause hearing problems, cleaning all the earwax from the ears can dry out the ears, which leads to itching. When the skin in the ear is dry, dead, moisture-less skin begins to accumulate in the ear. These dry skin flakes cause the inner ear to itch constantly.

-Allergic Reactions: Some people assert that hearing aids can cause the inner ear to itch. This is due to the plastic or polish on the hearing aid causing an allergic reaction inside of the ear. The same thing can happen if pollen or dust finds its way inside the ear.

-Additional Causes: Aside from the causes that were mentioned above, there are more reasons for itchy inner ear. There are times when ear drops, infection and chlorinated water can make the ears itch. Inner ear itching, as well as itching in other parts of the ear, could also be a psychological issue. Some individuals start to scratch their ears when they feel nervous or are lost in their thoughts.

The treatment for itchy inner ear is largely dependent on what is causing the itching. If little or no earwax is causing the itching, putting drops of vegetable oil in the ears will help. Earwax can both protect the ear and reduce the itching. Some people clean the earwax from their ears occasionally. In these cases, the doctor may recommend a cleaning schedule, which prompts the earwax to develop in the ear naturally and eliminates excessive buildup. Steroid creams may also be prescribed for skin problems, as the creams will reduce allergic reactions and itching in the inner ear. In serious cases like trauma or infection, medical assistance is necessary. If you have a recurring inner ear itching problem and you’re experiencing a lot of pain, it’s time to have your ears checked by an ENT doctor.

Most of the time, an itchy inner ear is not a serious issue. However, it should be taken care of as soon as possible, since constant itching can cause harm to the delicate skin, muscles and tissues inside of the ear. Sensitive parts of the body like the eyes and ears should never be overlooked, since any damage to these areas could result in permanent health issues. You can find more information about itchy inner ear at


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