Least painful place to get a tattoo

In order for a tattoo to be exceptional, it needs to be positioned perfectly onto the body. You can have an excellent design formulated, and it may mean the world to you; however, if you wind up having it placed in the wrong location, the chances are high that you’ll end up feeling extremely disappointed with how it turns out. Not only is the location of the tattoo critical because of its accessibility and visibility, but because of the level of pain that it may cause.

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Generally, the forearms and outer biceps cause the least amount of pain. This is due to the high level of denseness of the skin in these locations. This is also true for the other parts of the body where the skin has more density. While the calves and ankles are quite dense in the areas furthest from the bone, they can take considerably longer to heal if they aren’t properly cared for. Fatty, fleshy areas of the body such as the thighs and buttocks have a tendency to be much less painful; however, areas of the body containing thin skin directly above bone, such as the ribs and breastplate, will generally cause a great deal more pain. However, everyone is built differently, and each individual has a different level of tolerance to pain.

Most people are in agreement that the arm is the area least likely to produce a great deal of pain, and that it’s usually the best location to place a tattoo. This is due to the fact that there is a large amount of muscle above the bone in this location. This tends to absorb the pain produced by the tattoo needle much better than areas of thin skin located directly above bone. The locations that individuals will most certainly experience excessive pain are the erogenous areas and locations that contain a high level of nerves. This includes areas of the body that contain little fat or muscle and are close to the bone, such as the ankles.

Individuals with more experience in receiving tattoos are much more likely to choose a location on their body recognized for producing a high level of pain, such as the ribcage. Alternatively, inexperienced individuals receiving their first tattoo that remain uneasy with the thought of having to endure a great deal of pain should stick to fleshier locations, such as the arm or leg. When receiving a tattoo, it’s best to concentrate on how fantastic the artwork is going to appear on the body when it’s completed, rather than concentrating on the thought of the amount of pain that it will cause.

Whether or not a tattoo will cause a lot of pain is based on a number of factors. Generally, the areas of the body containing less sensitive skin are less likely to cause a great deal of pain. Individuals who receive tattoos usually describe the experience as being irritating because of the repetitive pin pricks. Individuals who have experienced the tattooing process report that the less sensitive areas of the body are usually those that are more exposed to external elements.


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