Occipital lymph node

Occipital lymph node glands, or nodes, as they are called do total three in number. All three of these nodes do make up the lymphatic system, and the lymphatic system is what works exclusively, as the main immune system for the human body. Working all together, these systems do fight very hard up against any micro-organisms, that do promote the presence of diseases. These micro-organisms can include bacteria, viruses, and the like in description. Everything from an organ perspective is included under the protection of the occiptal lymph nodes system, all except for the central nervous system, which is not included at all.

Image: Heart Mind & Seoul

The lymphatic system itself is made up of lymphatic capillaries, also ducts, nodes, and the organs of the body such as the spleen, the tonsils, the list goes on. Each individual lymph node is bean-shaped in appearance and are most prominent in certain areas of the human body. Some of these areas do include the armpits region, the back of a person’s head, the neck, behind one’s ears, beneath the jaw and chin, and in the groin area. the lymph nodes fight hard up against infections with the help of a thing called lymphocytes, and it is these lymphocytes, which do a lot of the fighting themselves. Lymphocytes are a kind of white blood cell and they are disease/infection fighting agents.

Lymph, itself, can be described best as being a clear-colored fluid in description. This fluid is something that seeps from the blood vessels, from cells, and it is something that does collect in between the crevices and spaces that are located in between body cells mainly. It is usually collected by the lymph capillaries, and it is distributed by other ducts and vessels, where it is then passed along to the lymph nodes where lymphocytes are armed and ready to do battle with any micro-organisms that are contained within the fluid base material. This filtered lymph then does travel its ways down to the lymphatic system, where it eventually goes into the blood circulatory system in the end.


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