Olive leaf extract dosage

Since ancient times, olive leaf extract has been used by Egyptians and other civilizations to treat a number of conditions. It was thought to carry heavenly powers, and modern research has shown that it does in fact contain the ability to prevent and even cure several health problems. Most of the health problems that can be remedied by the use of olive leaf extract are viral in nature. The unique olive leaf extract has the ability to stop the virus from multiplying and attacking the cells of the body, effectively preventing any viral infections that would have occurred. Olive leaf extract also carries antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

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Olive leaf extract is most commonly taken in capsule form with available capsule sizes ranging from 60mg to 500mg. It is also available in liquid form. There is no maximum dosage of olive leaf. It has been used safely over hundreds of years, and any serious side effects of the extract have yet to be documented. That does not mean, however, that it’s a good idea to neglect being mindful of avoiding an overdose of any kind, even of herbal supplements.

Adult Dosage:

When consumed in liquid form, olive leaf extract should normally be taken on an empty stomach twice daily. Two full droppers of the extract is the suggested dosage. For the cure of infections, increase dosage to two full droppers every two hours, and in the case of a fever increase even more to three full droppers every two hours. If taking the supplement in capsule form, it is normal to take one or two 500mg sized capsules twice a day.

Children’s Dosage

Even though the supplement is considered safe for all ages, it is best if the dosage isn’t excessive in children, since their bodies may be a bit more sensitive to olive leaf extract than the bodies of adults. For children, use half of the recommended adult dosage.

One word of caution when taking olive leaf extract is that it does not mix well with other antibiotics and may interfere with their functions. In any other case, centuries of use indicate that an excess of olive leaf extract carries no possible side effects. However, as with any other food or substance, it is safer to limit the amount of extract taken because everyone has different sensitivities to elements ingested into the body. The ideal suggestion is to consult an herbal practitioner before beginning an olive leaf extract regimen, since the purpose will dictate the dosage you require.


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