Stress and Your Skin – Skin Care Products Review and Skin Beauty Review

Stress is one of those aspects of life that everyone has to deal with. Whether it is from work, personal problems, or pressure, stress gets to everybody. There are several documented negative effects of chronic stress, but most people don’t realize that it poses a skin care problem, too. The human body is remarkable in that it can handle varying levels of stress without flinching. However, the modern lifestyle has gotten to the point where the levels of stress the average human being has to live with is far beyond what nature intended, despite the causes being less overtly dangerous.

Existing conditions

In some instances, an existing skin care problem can become worse because of chronic stress. Stress and acne are related, along with psoriasis and eczema. Sometimes, this manifests simply as breakouts or worsening before a major event, while others may find it occurs during or after a high-stress period. Then, once the cause of the stress begins to subside, the condition begins to calm down drastically. In most cases, there are no changes in treatment needed to counter this, and all that is usually needed is to pull the person away from the source of the stress.

Hormonal links

Hormones tend to play a major role in physical health. These chemicals are used to signal various responses in the body, achieving a myriad of effects. The skin is not exempt from this. Chronic stress causes the release hormones that make the blood vessels constrict. This causes very poor circulation in all areas of the body, and the skin in particular suffers from it. The decrease in blood supply poses a skin care problem because this makes the skin dry and flaky. It is also known to increase sensitivity, particularly to irritants. Natural skin products might help prevent or undo some of the damage.

Breathing issues

During periods of chronic stress, people alter their regular breathing patterns. The breathing becomes more shallow and quicker, reducing the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream. This naturally results in a drop in the skin’s oxygen supply. Under normal circumstances, this does not last very long and leaves no lasting effects. If the stress is prolonged, the skin can become gray and lack “glow,” as well as having an increased propensity for tension lines around the forehead and mouth.

Skin care is much easier if the person does not have to deal with chronic stress, though the modern lifestyle does not always allow for that. The best solution, even with all the products out there, is to take a moment to relax and pull away from the stress.


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