Vitamins for Skin Care – Skin Care Products Review and Skin Beauty Review

In the realm of skin care, there are a number of ingredients, components, and chemicals that have benefits for the skin. It can be difficult to argue that the most useful of these are also the most basic. Vitamins are elements the body needs for continued regular functioning, and a number of them can help keep the skin young, smooth, and refreshed. Whether these are taken orally or applied directly, various vitamins can contribute to any plan to have clear skin.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A is necessary for healthy skin, which explains why a large number of organic skin products have it as an ingredient. A deficiency can cause excessive dryness of the skin, giving it a rough texture. Tretinoin, a synthetic form of the vitamin, can be useful in treating acne and wrinkles when applied directly. In some cases, it has also been known to help combat pigmentation caused by chronic exposure to the sun. Vitamin A can also be used as a preventative measure against skin cancer.

Vitamin C

Not generally associated with skin care, vitamin C can actually be useful for this area. It is most prominent because of its role in healing wounds on the skin and preventing scurvy. There have also been studies pointing to the possible use of vitamin C products to rejuvenate the skin and to give it the appearance of youth by oxidizing the various environmental factors the skin is exposed to. For now, though, this one is the least used of the skin care vitamins.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is most commonly known as the vitamin that is formed by sitting out in the sun. The body forms most of this vitamin through sun exposure, and it is believed to have properties that make it an effective antioxidant. There are also studies pointing to its use as a mild anti-carcinogen. It also has a role in controlling the pigmentation of the skin. However, most dermatologists advise that people avoid taking very large doses of vitamin D. While very good in the right amounts, excessive vitamin D is toxic.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is used for skin care because it acts as an antioxidant, preventing damage to skin cells caused by free radicals. These are often caused by exposure to the sun and a number of environmental agents, and vitamin E is effective in preventing that.

No skin care regimen can really be considered complete without first having the skin care vitamins as a base. These are the simplest and most effective ingredients, and are usually present in people’s diets. Getting these in sufficient amounts can give you the clear skin you’ve always wanted.


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