First Letter Of Name Numerology

Each number has its special value in determining the typical characteristics, life goals, and even aptitudes we have. For example, the initial letter of a name or the first birth name will be called the cornerstone in Name numerology for all the tremendous impacts on that person’s characteristics as well as the way how he reacts to every situation, success, failure, and challenge coming up to his life. It’s simply a hint or a good signal for any possible action we may take to tackle the difficulties and approach the life opportunities.

Unlike the first vowel of your name, the last letter acts as a reminder to help you to remember how to use your own aptitudes to better the hardest situations, and push every unfulfilled project to the finish line while your first letter of name will have another meaning which is just deeper and more specific about your inner self. In other words, some people are still confused about their own aspirations and desires hidden in the depth of their hearts. In fact, such heart’s desires represent themselves quite intensely in the core number of the numerology chart just because they are waiting for you to get them out of the box. It’s considered as the biggest part of your interior that you do not usually disclose easily in real life. Many people would call the initial letter of the name as the small and mysterious window that they could look through, and see themselves inside. Each letter has its own meaning pertaining to a person’s areas of personality and ambition. For instance, if the first letter of your name is A, you’re described to be an ambitious person who loves pursuing victories and opportunities, and an extremely courageous person who would take risks to achieve what you want; yet, you’re still an understanding person who can listen to others’ innermost feelings.

Soul Number

The calendar of your birth will be the one helping you to find the Soul number, and it’s you who need to reduce it to the single digit through adding up all figures together. As long as the value of the number is high, the numeric vibrations will get strong. Unlike the Personality number which is an indication of the heart’s desires of the owner, the Soul number implies the unrevealed aptitudes that the owner hasn’t had a chance to discover. By knowing this special number, each of us finds no difficulty in picking a certain future career, and making other important decisions during the lifetime.


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