4 Secrets You Need To Know About Destiny Number In Numerology

In numerology, Destiny Number is the sum of one’s date of birth and thus unique for everyone. It makes the person aware of his interest, capabilities, attitudes, and talents that lead him to the purpose of his existence on earth. It is also called the Lucky Number. We calculate it by adding all the numbers in one’s birth date and reduce it down to one digit. For example, a birth date of 04/07/41991 will give the destiny number of 4 (4+7+1+9+9+1= 31= 4). It is also calculated by converting full name alphabets into corresponding numerals i.e. A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on.

Destiny Number 1

People with Destiny Number 1 have diplomatic capabilities. They are perfect peacemakers. For such a capacity, they are found to be tactful and persuasive. They should train themselves to be kind, loving, peaceful, considerate, gentle, patient, and understanding. They should not be highly sensitive or easily blown away by other’s emotions, words or behavior. They must take charge over their moodiness and indecisiveness. These individuals need to find the right path of self-fulfillment.

Destiny Number 2

According to numerology birth date, this number indicates a person who has natural, inborn leadership qualities and is destined to become a leader. Hence, such an individual should train himself to be determined, innovative, and bold with self-control and self-confidence. He should not be selfish, bossy, domineering, and arrogant. He should have the capability to think for himself and act accordingly to lead others into what he considers right. A leader should foresee any approaching problem and know how to avoid them and find a safe dock.

Destiny Number 3

With number 3 as the destiny number, the individual has incredible potential for all kinds of executive work. He has powerful abilities to manage big organizations. He takes up big responsibilities and fulfills them with accuracy. He is a down to earth person who finds satisfaction in holding important events, meetings, and matters that will be long lasting. Number 3 should learn to be serious, studious, methodical, disciplined, honest, loyal, and practical so others can trust him and obey him in a proper manner. On the negative side, he is sometimes rigid, boring, stubborn, melancholy, and afraid of change.

Destiny Number 4

A possessor of number 4 as the destiny number stands out in creating and maintaining relationships. He is cheerful, confident, optimistic, and sociable. He should inspire others so they will know how to be cheerful and happy. In numerology, number 4 can be a great master to those who have lost the joy and the gusto of life by teaching them to enjoy life to the highest level of joy and laughter. His lifestyle should be unique, creative, and articulate to promote others to enjoy the only life they get on earth. He makes a sympathetic friend who is willing to lend an ear and shoulder to his beloved ones. Owners of number 4 are good parents since they do not mind taking the time to hear their children’s feelings and stories.


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