Overview of Numerology about Names And Date Of Birth

According to the Vedic Hindu astrology and numerology, the individual Name number contains a certain frequency, and plays an important role in building up close bonds with the others in society including best friends, close partners, close-knit family members, soul mates, and lovers. It’s said that the sound effects of the name chosen by your parents are present in different patterns and living under your own aspirations. Whenever a woman gets married, she’s asked to take the surname of her husband’s family to create a harmony in spirituality. However, some people say that it’s not always true in all cases because there’s a time that after changing the name, the Name number owned by that married woman is prone to become a hostile number, which is the root of all incompatible and problematic things to happen in reality. Her life would be filled up with disharmony and contradictions until the name is changed. Therefore, anyone looking to a change in his name, please consider the numeric and quality of the name at first to have the owner’s individuality changed for better.

Try to seek a professional numerologist or simply a numerology name calculator online to give you a thorough analysis of your first, middle, and last letter of the name. Remember that each number will have both good and bad qualities reflecting the owner as well as bring different vibrations to the person owning the name. For instance, the number 1 will be the one of creation and the starting point of everything while 2 is the number of the truth and understanding.

Soul Urge

It’s a signal of every innermost desires, purposes, cherished hopes, and intentions deep inside your heart that you do not always follow them. Soul urge helps the individuals to realize what the true motivations drive them to take action, and where all the passions come from so that they could decide to pursue them or not. In fact, not many people are brave enough to speak in high volume about what they want to do and achieve in life, but most of them tend to hide their true feelings, and even suppress these aspirations. Soul urge will help us to realize the main purpose of our lives as well as urge us to find our true happiness and enjoy the good tastes of the life we’re leading.


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