Dog Warts Introduction

Dog warts have two types. The wart become dangerous if the size gets bigger. It will stay benign if the size is relatively small and your dog won’t feel it at all. Warts that happened to younger dogs can be dangerous to their health. This wart is transmitted to another dog through contact. Those who familiar with biological term will have some idea about if they know the term for the warts. Canine viral papilloma is the popular term that used to describe warts. The appearance is similar with cauliflower. The size is small and can appear on dogs tongue, muzzle, lips and eyelids.

Despite of the fact that most warts are benign, you may still hate it based on hygiene perspective. This will lead you to get rid of it you can use various herbs that suitable for human warts to get rid of these warts. If you can afford to visit vet you can have complete view about the extent dog warts. The warts are manifestation of a virus. It will appear after two months after your dog make contact with infected dog. Young dog can remove the wart solely with its immune system. Older or younger dogs can’t remove it easily. Some help will be required.

The common symptom that you tend to find is bad breath. The dog mouth will also bleed at some extent. You can see the dog drooling too much. The last symptom is more obvious if your dog never have such problem before. You only need full diagnostic of your dog if you want to find the depth of the infection. Young and very old dog will require this treatment. Dog warts diagnostic can be performed with test called CBC which is short for Complete Blood Count. The other way is surgical biopsy. This so uncommon so you don’t have to worry about it.


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