Skin Care Resolutions – Skin Care Products Review and Skin Beauty Review

Maybe now is the right time to get back on your feet and start having the proper skin care. Let’s face it, there are still a lot of women who would occasionally sleep with her make up on, doesn’t apply sunscreen, or neglects to have an appointment to consult a dermatologist with the proper solutions for their skin. However, because the year has finally made its way, we have gathered information on how you can start making your skin look better.

Moisturize Right After Showering

After taking a warm shower, essential oils are being stripped off our skin. As long as it is properly applied, face cream and body lotions with anti agingingredients are some of the best substitutes. See, it is said that the best time to apply these products are when your skin is damp– within ten minutes of turning off the water, because when you wait a little longer, your skin will start to lose water vapor. So, for you to constantly remember to apply lotion right when your skin is damp, store body lotion in the shower.

Apply Sunscreen

This has been said again and again–always wear sunscreen. Make sure the sunscreen you’ll apply has at least SPF 30 and try to reapply it as often as possible. You also have to look for a sunscreen that says “non-greasy” or “sheer” on the label.

Take It Off

Yes, most women are guilty of this – keeping their make up on while sleeping. You know that make up can mix with dirt and skin oils that will result to having zits. Make up also cause skin-damaging free radicals to be trapped in your skin. So make sure that you don’t neglect to remove your make up at night. One good tip is to remove it once you get home, so that you won’t forget (or be lazy) to do it later on during the night.


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