Eat Your Way To Beautiful Skin

Most of the skin care reviews that you would encounter would let you use skin care products to keep your skin beautiful. However, you can make your skin radiant-looking in a very cheap way which is to eat proper foods. Eating certain foods which are high in vitamins and minerals goes two ways: it’ll beautify your skin, and will make you healthy too!

So, what are the vitamins and minerals that will keep your skin healthy? Here’s a list of them and also some foods that are good sources of the said vitamins too.


This certain vitamin is good component in making your skin look healthy. It helps in strengthening your skin and it is also good in repairng tissues. Some creams also contains this vitamin, since it is very important in keeping your skin healthy. Vitamin A alos prevents your skin to be dry and of course, from acne to build up. Whole milk, eggs, carrots, liver, breakfast cereal, mango and spinach are good sources of this vitamins.


This vitamin contains antioxidants that are helpful in preventing free radical damage to the skin. If you have damaged skin caused by the sun, a good intake of vitamin E will be helpful. Some foods that contains this vitamins are: mango, hazelnuts, safflower oil, almonds and sunflower seeds among many.


Aside from making your immune system stronger, vitamin C also helps in healing skin damage and wounds. Some studies also show that it can rejuvenate your skin. Grapefruit, oranges, lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, green peppers, mandarins and strawberries are just some of the fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C.


This vitamin helps in keeping your skin healthy. It also helps in preventing skin problems such as eczema, and because this problem is caused by stress, having a good dose of vitamin B will also help in relieving stress. This vitamin can be found on eggs, fish, whole wheat, bran, liver, milk, whole brown rice and a lot more.

So, more than applying creams or other skin care products as part of face care, it is best that you also try eating these kinds of foods to help your skin radiant and natural-looking.


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