Fighting the BIG C – Skin Care Products Review and Skin Beauty Review

It is common nowadays that a percentage of people who has skin cancer got it because of the sun’s damaging rays. Most people would still choose not to follow doctor’s orders—apply sunscreen every time you go outdoors and the sun is up. Even though a lot of skin care reviewshas voiced out this message, a good number of people still choose not to follow.

However, according to a new study, applying sunscreen alone may not be an effective way to protect you from the sun’s rays. The result of the study introduced that the use of caffeine is also an effective way to prevent you from having skin cancer.

According to the study, caffeine helps in destroying the cells that was teared-up by the sun’s harmful rays. If these damaged cells won’t be destroyed, it will have the chance to evolve into a tumor, and may result to cancer.

As part of your personal skin care, the scientists that conducted this study said that if you apply caffeine directly to your skin, it might help in preventing ultraviolet light that will cause skin cancer. Though this is an inexpensive way of doing it, there are also available sunscreens out in the market that has a good amount of caffeine in its ingredients. You don’t need to soak yourself in a tub of coffee or tea—just learn to apply sunscreen (with caffeine) in your daily routine.

Who would’ve thought that fighting the big C would be answered by another C?


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