Taking Care of Warts – Skin Care Products Review and Skin Beauty Review

Warts are generally associated with the elderly, or with people living under certain conditions. However, like most skin conditions, this is actually something that almost anyone can contract. Skin warts are typically caused by the human papillomavirus. There are over 60 types of HPV, but only a few of them are known to cause the formation of warts. Typically, the HPV stimulates the rapid growth of cells on the outermost layer of the skin. This rampant growth is what causes the formation of warts. In most cases, these warts can appear on the fingers, near the nails, or on the hands. In some cases, the virus can also become a problem for achieving smooth, clear skin along the genital area.

Types of warts

There are three general types of skin warts, all of which will require skin wart removal. The first, plantar warts, usually appears as bumps on the skin that have a flesh coloring, though they may also be light brown. These typically have blood vessels that appear as black dots. Skin warts of this type appear on the soles of the feet in most cases. Genital warts are more troublesome and appear near the pubic area or genitalia, as well as around or within the anus. They are usually flesh-colored, but can also be red or pink. They usually aren’t painful, but can cause bleeding and itching. Finally, there are also flat warts. These are common in teens and children, and are usually smoother than other types. They’re most common on the face, but females may also find them on their legs.


There are many options available for someone seeking wart treatment. Freezing skin warts is a common treatment, involving the use of liquid nitrogen. Blisters form around the wart and the dead tissue falls off after roughly seven days. Canthadrin is also a popular option, and it also works by forming a blister around the wart before removing it. Surgery, including laser surgery, may also be used for removal of warts. Laser surgery specifically burns the warts off, while more common procedures simply cut out the skin blemish, typically with an electric needle.

Skin warts are unsightly and can be annoying, but there are multiple ways to deal with them. These are generally not dangerous, though there are instances when HPV can be contagious. However, for the most part, it is not a major problem and the average person can likely have it removed when it is convenient. Only in rare cases, such as genital warts, will a person likely want or need skin wart removal as soon as possible. Clear skin is still possible after these procedures, which shouldn’t be very complicated.


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