Summer Skin Care Myths – Skin Care Products Review and Skin Beauty Review

Lots of people change their skin care habits when summer arrives. Clinics offer spa treatments that claim to rejuvenate and rehydrate skin. As a consumer, you must know which skin treatment works and which doesn’t. It is also important that you know some myths about summer skin care.

Myth #1: Drinking water will help hydrate dry skin.

This is definitely one of the biggest skin care myths that you hear about skin hydration. A skin treatment that is sure to boost the moisture in your skin are creams and sun block lotions that prevent and heal sun damage.

Drinking lots of water is something that fitness and fashion magazines tell you to do. This is one of the skin care myths that has spanned generations, but the truth is, there has been no study that shows that drinking water will improve your skin. On the contrary, several studies show that the amount of water you drink has very little bearing on the moisture on your skin. It doesn’t matter what you drink, whether it’s expensive mineral water or plain tap, water will not hydrate your skin. In fact, if you drink and retain too much water, a skin condition called edema will occur. This definitely isn’t a sign of healthy skin.

If you want to hydrate your skin properly, take a shower or wash your face with warm water to open your pores and apply a cream or moisturizer to seal the moisture in. An effective spa treatment is to apply a gentle steam to your face. It heats up your pores and opens them up, making your skin more effective at absorbing moisturizers.

Drinking water is still important to your body though, because it cools you down and hydrates you. However, forcing yourself to drink water to make your skin look better is as effective as trying to solve a math quiz by drawing dinosaurs—it won’t work.

Myth #2: If I use two types of sunscreens or sun block lotions with SPF 15 each, I get SPF 30 protection.

Sunscreen is a good skin treatment because it protects and nourished skin. SPF is not something that you can add up. The protection that it provides is dependent on the strength of the ingredients and formulation that the product has. If one product only has enough to give you SPF 15, then that’s as far as it can go. Using another product with the same SPF will not give you any added protection. It can even harm your skin because the ingredients in the two brands may cause allergic reactions which can cause rashes or dry, itchy skin.

There are so many skin care myths which range from the understandable to the dangerous (like using arsenic-based creams for wrinkles). The best way to make sure that you are getting the best skin or spa treatment is to research about the procedure or the product before trying it out.


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