The Worst Acne Conglobata

When you have acnes in your faces, definitely it will make your appearance looks worse. Even though acnes is small and it usually appears in your cheeks, this small thing can make your face looks ugly. Besides, if you have acnes in your face, it makes you feel unconfident. That is why you have to clear it up so that your face will be awesome. From many types of acne you have known, acne conglobata is the worst acne you should know because it looks big red dump and it spreads upon of face. However, if you are wondering about it and you want to know what type of this acne is, let’s see.

As you know that there are types of acne, those are vulgaris acne and common acne. Here is something you must know, acne conglobata is uncommon acne in the world. If you think that a common acne is painful, then this type of acne is extremely more painful than both vulgaris and common acne. Conglobata cannot be treated by yourself because this acne needs an intensive treatment from dermatologist. Furthermore, there are some treatments that you have to do such as oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, and steroids. These multi treatments should be done routinely every day.

If those treatments are not enough, you need a laser therapy. Just like the name, this therapy is using a laser especially used for acne and it reduces the acnes in your face. By doing the best treatment, this acne can be healed immediately. Normally, common acne only needs one to two weeks for the treatments, but this acne needs a special treatment for six months. If you stop giving the treatment before the acne is disappeared, it will come again and again. So, those are little bits acne conglobata that you have to know.


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