How to get rid of stretch marks

Stretch marks are only some of the common skin problems women experience. These are marks that usually occur after the skin experiences sudden or rapid stretching. Like the rainbow, stretch marks come in a variety of colors. There are people who have marks in bright red. Others have pink ones. In other cases, they come out purplish or as dark brown streaks on the skin.

Stretch marks more commonly appear on the belly during pregnancy, when the tummy is slowly bulging because of fetus growth. This is usually at the end of the first trimester and until the ninth month. There are, however, other causes of stretch marks. Through knowing these causes, one may easily find ways to get rid of these ugly marks, thereby preventing them from appearing in other areas.


During puberty, boys and girls seem to suddenly stretch and grow tall, thereby triggering for stretch marks to appear.

Weight gain

Weight gain may be likened to having a baby, only that in this case, other parts of the body also start to bulge. When a person suddenly gains weight, parts of the body stretch to accommodate fats. The areas in which fat accumulates are usually the ones where stretch marks appear.

Muscle growth due to exercise

When a person works out, muscles are built up. As muscles increase in size, the skin surrounding it also stretches. These areas in which muscle growth occurred would definitely get stretch marks.

These causes point out that whenever there is an increase in the volume of fat and weight in the body, the surrounding skin stretches and stretch marks become inevitable. The question now is how to distinguish a stretch mark.

The usual symptoms of stretch marks include indented lines or streaks that appear bright then gradually fade into light pink, gray, white, or silver-like. It may be found in areas such as the stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, shoulders, upper arms, around the underarms, and in lower back. The buttocks and the area around the breasts are also prone to stretch marks since these are areas that store fat. But wherever these marks appear, they still look awful especially to women. Hence, here are some ways to remedy this problem.

Lavender oil

Lavender oil is a common ingredient in skin care products because it effectively heals the skin. Regular application of products with lavender oil may gradually reduce the marks.

Balance diet

Having a balance diet or following an effective weight loss regimen may also help lessen the possibility of getting stretch marks. If there is no weight gain, there will also be no stretching of the skin, and therefore, no stretch marks.

Vitamin E

Taking in Vitamin E orally and applying creams with Vitamin E on the affected areas have also been proven to remove stretch marks from the skin.

Apricot scrub

Apricot scrub has also been clinically-tested to be an effective remedy for stretch marks. This organic scrub has an exfoliating effect on skin. Thus, it removes dead skin cells and encourages the quick turnover of the skin.

Apart from these natural and organic ways, today’s beauty and skin care market is full of products produced to answer the problems of both women and men suffering from these “scars.” People may easily acquire these products, hopefully, to say goodbye to stretch marks for the rest of their lives.


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