Acne Medication You Can Do at Home

Acne can be a trouble for people who care about their appearance. Acne can also create pain on the skin. Removing the acnes is certainly a must, but it is not as easy as on the TV advertisement. You can actually do your own acne medication at home, but it surely needs patience, because it requires in many processes. Why could it be? It is simple easy, because you do not need any chemical stuffs or medicine. You are going to use the natural things that will help you to heal the acnes. However, before reading the main point, you need to realize that these tips do not always work, because people have various kinds of skin.

The first acne medication at home is using the lemon to heal the acnes. You should cut the lemon into pieces, and wipe it around the acne site. Furthermore, you could also use tomato to heal the acne. All you need to do is same as you do with the lemon. The other way to heal the acne is using the egg. You could dab the egg onto the acne and let it dry about 15 minutes. After that, you can remove the dried egg with facial soap. Using the egg is quite effective, because the egg will swipe the oil on your face and neutralize your skin. It will simply reduce the pain in your acne, and heal it gradually. Moreover, you can mix the egg with the lemon water, so it will be more effective, because the lemon brings the chemical that can remove the dead cells of your skin.

Indeed, you need to be patient in healing the acne. You need to do one of those steps above gradually. It will be more efficient if you could do those steps daily. Acne medication will not be successful if you do not do that continuously. Thus, it requires patience and hard work in healing the acnes.


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