Skin Care for Him – Skin Care Products Review and Skin Beauty Review

In the past, skin care among men was pretty simple. They simply wash their faces with soap after shaving, then probably apply some aftershave moisturizing foam. But this has drastically changed over the years.

From just simple soaps and styling gels, more and more men are also now into whitening products, moisturizers, lotions, and even makeup. Men’s vanity market, according to market research company Datamonitor, is in fact today’s leader in the male grooming industry. The use of men’s grooming products has increased from $26.3 billion in 2005 to $29.7 in 2006. Men’s skin care market has the fastest growth, with a three-percent increase every year since 2005.

According to Datamonitor’s recent survey, 73 percent of European and American men believed that it is ‘very important’ to spend time on the mirror, as compared to 72 percent females who gave the same response. Datamonitor attributes such results to the rise of the metrosexual era, where skincare emerges as the key trend.

The need for skin care

Apart from just going with the trend, skin care experts believe men should really give more attention to skin care. According to them, keeping the skin youthful is not mere vanity but a matter of basic health. Dermatologists say that the sun’s UV radiation is responsible for 80 percent of skin aging. Hence, they ask everyone, men and women alike, to take care of their skin through using just enough skin care products.

When looking for the best skin care products, men should consider their lifestyle and work. This means that men involved in outdoor jobs like construction should exert extra time and effort in skin care, particularly, in using moisturizers and sunscreens.

Another tip is to look for products with dual or multiple purposes. There are shaving soaps, for example, that can be used for both shaving and washing the face. Another shaving soap combines both cleansing and moisturizing properties. Multipurpose products like these allow men to save time and money.

If the skin care routine has a conflict with one’s schedule, or if the product fails to provide the desired result, then there is no reason to continue using the product even if it is for a dual purpose. A product that causes redness or stings a lot might not be working well. Hence, it is better to keep on looking for alternatives until one finds the products that best suit one’s needs and budget.

It would not hurt to do a little research on the best skin care products online. Skin care review websites like can guide both men and women to find what works best for them.


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