More Than Anti Aging Regimens

Most of us would love to keep our skin looking good. When it comes to skin care, the first thing that comes into your mind would be a number of beauty products. This isn’t a bad thing though, but have you ever thought of other things to keep your skin healthy? See, more than skin care regimens, there are a number of things which you should do to keep your skin looking good.

Here are some anti-agingtips which you can do to get better results:

Beauty Products

Most of us are guilty of relying on beauty products to make our skin look better. However, applying these products often may make your skin look worse, rather than best. Get the most out of your skin and follow this schedule: use products with antioxidants in the morning to protect your skin all day long, and exfoliants and collagen boosters at night to help rebuild cells.


If you’re still not using anti-aging treatments, maybe it’s time that you should. To help you in preventing deep lines before they even start reflecting on your skin, start by applying regimens that will anticipate the changes that may occur soon. Start applying serums and lotions which contains a mix of peptides as soon as you see a crinkled area on your skin.

Skin Care Trends

While most of these trends are good to follow, it is still best to go with what you’ve had before, or clinically proven at least. We know that there are a lot of new skin care products that you can choose from, but here’s a tip in buying the one that will solve your skin problem: always look for alpha hydroxyl acids, peptides and retinoids if you have fine lines and wrinkles. Look for salicylic acid if you have acne and green tea for redness.


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