Anti-Aging Foods Youll Love – Skin Care Products Review and Skin Beauty Review

There are a lot of Anti aging solutions out in the market today. Whether it be creams, serums, or clinical remedies, you know that it is available for our use. However, to make sure that you’ll get a youthful, natural-looking skin, you can choose to eat foods that’ll help in making you age gradually.


An antioxidant called daidzein is helpful in the anti aging process too. This antioxidant can be found in soy nuts, tofu or other soy foods like edamame. Daidzeim’s respopnsibility is to activate a protein that regulates aging. For those people who isn’t a fan of eating soy-based foods, you can try adding edamame to a stir fry or even try using soy milk to your smoothies.


It is common that green tea is helpful for skin care purposes. Studies show that the antioxidants present in teas boost the function of telomeres (DNA sequences at the end of each chromosome. This ones shorten when your cells age) which in return makes you age normally. Drinking green tea would make your telomeres longer, and as a result, it may add five years to your life.


Ahh, yes—the luscious, guilty pleasure of everyone—chocolates. Yes, dark chocolates are healthy, and it does help in gradually slowing down the aging process. A boost in one’s cognitive performance is what dark chocolates does. You can eat a couple of individually wrapped dark chocolates or drop a tablet on your cafe oor yes, in your fruit smoothies will be just as fine.


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