Exfoliation 101 for Women and Men too

Skin treatments are often seen as unnecessary. People think that they are usually for people who either have really bad skin problems, or those who are too vain. Sometimes people think that these treatments are only for those who have the money to spend on trivial things in an expensive spa or treatment center. The fact is that everyone, with the exception of young children who do not have extremely oily or rough skin, needs to exfoliate at least once a week.

Exfoliation is a process where you take the uppermost layer of the skin to expose the newer, softer, and better-looking layer underneath. There are two types: physical and chemical. Physical exfoliation is when you use rough objects like fine sandpaper, pumice, salt, sand or beads made from fruit pits or bark. The finer beads are usually used for delicate areas of the face and neck while pumice, fine sandpaper and other heavier exfoliants are used for the body, especially the elbows and the soles of the feet. Chemical exfoliation, on the other hand, involves the use of chemicals that melt or dry the uppermost layer of the skin so it will dissolve or flake off. Beauty products without beads that say that their product can give you a “renewed look” or an even skin tone usually contain these chemicals.

Skin treatments like this are important because they rejuvenate your skin and give you a youthful glow. It may seem frivolous to have these treatments, but it is simply part of keeping your skin healthy. Old skin tends to be dry and the body’s natural reaction to dry patches is to increase the production of oil, making your skin oily and increasing your chances of getting pimples.

For women, use a physical exfoliant once to twice a week and not more than that. When you exfoliate, you essentially take off parts of your skin, so you must give it time to heal. Chemical exfoliants are usually hypoallergenic and safe to use every day, so you may choose to use them. However, check the label of your beauty product to make sure that it is safe for daily use.

For men, exfoliation is very important as well, especially in shaving. Before you shave, exfoliate gently to remove traces of dry skin. This allows you to shave more smoothly. Use skin treatments especially designed for men because the pH level, oiliness and elasticity of a man’s skin differ from that of a woman. Using a product meant for women may not be enough to effectively exfoliate your skin.

Exfoliation is an essential part of an effective regimen of skin treatments. Both men and women can benefit from this process, and it can potentially give them clearer, healthier skin.


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