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Botox is arguably one of the most advertised simple cosmetic procedures in the world today. The treatment is quick and painless, and doesn’t even require surgery. It is as simple as having a substance injected under the skin which causes effects that smooth out wrinkles and give the surface a younger look. However, there are some who are still unaware about what exactly it does. There are also some who may find it uncomfortable to know that this wrinkle-removing treatment is actually based on a potent toxin.

What botox is

There are some who find the idea of getting rid of frown lines using a toxic substance to be unsettling, but many others are willing to deal with that to preserve the appearance of youth. Botox is the trade name for botulinum toxin and is related to a form of food poisoning. To be specific, the substance being injected to remove wrinkles is based on Clostridium botulinum, a very potent toxin known to cause paralysis. In several cases, it has been found to be fatal.

What it does

The procedure seems simple enough. The plastic surgeon injects the toxin into areas of the skin with wrinkles. These soon begin to fade, and the effect can keep them away for a period of time. Botox does this by blocking the chemical signals from the nervous system that make muscles contract. This functions as a skin treatment for removing wrinkles simply because if a part of the body can’t move, wrinkles can’t form there.

How the body reacts

Botox prevents muscle movement. This action prevents the formation of wrinkles, since these are caused by the movement of muscles under the skin. The procedure can smooth out wrinkly areas and keep the skin looking younger, but it does have some problems. A misplaced injection can cause the wrong areas to become paralyzed, so a plastic surgeon is required even if it is a simple process. If the toxin attacks the muscles in the chest, for example, it could cause shortness of breath, or remove the ability to breathe entirely. Even if used correctly, the areas where it is injected become paralyzed and cannot be moved for a period of time.

Botox as a skin treatment is relatively new, though a plastic surgeon is trained to administer only enough of the toxin to remove wrinkles and only in areas where it is needed. The procedure is relatively safe and is a good way to get rid of troublesome wrinkles for a while. There are alternatives being considered, though Botox still holds much of the market under its sway.


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