Dont Exfoliate Like Theres No Tomorrow

Exfoliating is something that a lot of people do. It is actually a healthy skin care practice because it sheds the dead skin from their bodies and makes it look young, tight and radiant. However, exfoliating is not something that you need to do on a daily basis. In fact, introducing soap to your face every day will cause it to be dry and rough. Here are some tips that can help you maintain soft, supple skin.

  • Use warm water every morning when you wash your face, but hold the soap. Contrary to what people think, the oil that accumulates on your face during the night is not dirty and serves to keep your skin healthy. Your face is also not dirty because you were indoors all through the night. Gently wash your face with a light piece of cloth with warm water to get rid of excess oil.
  • Wash your face with soap at night. Unless you have had to walk through a really dirty or dusty place, you only need to wash your face with soap at night, to get rid of all the makeup and the dirt that has accumulated on your skin. Good anti-aging treatments will require you to use a mild makeup remover or make it a habit to use non-comedogenic cosmetics—the ones that do not clog your pores.
  • Exfoliate once or twice every week, making sure that there is are a few number of days in between each scrub. You can get exfoliating skin treatments at a spa or a dermatologist, or you can simply do it yourself with over-the-counter creams and scrubs.
  • Exfoliate using small beads on your face and larger, rougher beads on your body. The fine beads will be enough to take out any of the impurities on your face because the skin in that area is so much more delicate than anywhere on your body. You can also get skin treatments that use mild chemicals that dissolve the topmost layer of your epidermis. This can be better than manual scrubbing, but they are also more expensive and will require you to stay indoors or avoid the sun for a few days.

A good skin care regimen really includes exfoliation. However, take a light hand whenever you do it. Too much exfoliation can cause irritation to your skin which may lead to breakouts or even pre-mature aging. Whenever you exfoliate, you essentially abrade your skin to make room for new skin growth so you have to allow your skin to heal before giving it another scrub. There are anti-aging treatments that include exfoliation so whenever you get one, make sure that you do not use products or scrubs at home for a few days, or until your skin is no longer raw.


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