Spironolactone Acne for Hormonal Acne Treatment

Having acnes in your face can be terrible because it makes your face looks worse. Besides, it makes you become unconfident when you want to hanging out with your friends. Even though you have covered the acne by using a good make up, the acne is still changing your appearance. When you want to clear the acne by using the best treatment, it just makes the acnes come more and more. By the way, if you are looking for the best acne treatment, then you should know about spironolactone acne.

Anyway, if you are wondering about this treatment, then you should know what spironolactone acne is. Alright, spironolactone is a medicine that can be used to control your hormone in your body. If you are a woman, the acnes in your face could happen because of hormonal. That is why you have to control the hormone in your body so that the acnes in your face is gone. Here is something you must know, you should check your acnes condition in the best doctor in your town. Definitely, you cannot buy spironolactone without any recipe from doctor.

If you have checked the acnes condition that happens to you, the doctor will suggests you to do the best treatment. If the doctor thinks that you should use spironolactone for the best treatment, then you have to do it. But, if the doctor says no, you should not do that. Normally, you should take spironolactone for a month or maybe for more. At the first week, you should take 25 mg spironolactone and then you can take 50 mg for the next week. Then, you can stop eating spironolactone when the acnes in your face has disappeared. So, those are little bits you should know about spironolactone acne for hormonal acne treatment.


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