Be your own cellulite fighter

Cellulite is a common problem especially during summer. Not because it is an ailment that occurs only in summer, but because it looks terrible under swimwear. Women are the ones commonly suffering from this problem. Based on studies conducted on this ailment, it is a dilemma occurring among 80 to 90 percent of females at post-pubertal phase of their life. This problem, surprisingly, is almost non-existent among men with normal hormonal ratio because it has been found out that extra fat is due to hormonal imbalance.

The nature of cellulites

It may seem a common term to most people, but only a few actually understand the nature of cellulites. These are not only fat accumulated on the sides and mostly on the hip area of the female body. These form when cords that connect the muscle and the skin are strained due to pressure. The usual culprit for this is accumulated fat that bumps against the skin.

Those who know the cellulite’s true nature promise to “debump” the bumped areasand therefore, free the body from cellulites. The truth, however, is that there are only a few ways to prevent and remove cellulite.

Shake those bon-bons

According to dermatologists, one way to prevent and get rid of cellulite is to move your hip area and exercise. The legs and the buttocks may be considered the biggest victims of sedentary lifestyle. Although office work is mentally tiring, the body is not worked out and worst of all, the legs and the buttocks remain rooted in one place, causing cellulites to form. Hence, it is good to move the hips, butt, and legs once in a while to strengthen the muscles. Regular exercises on the hips and the legs tighten the skin, reducing the possibility for cellulite build up. Women are particularly advised to purchase an effective exercise machine rather than expensive anti-cellulite creams.

Follow a healthy diet regimen

Following a healthy and an effective diet may not only result to a beautiful body but also to a cellulite-free one. It must be remembered that cellulite occurs when fat is putting pressure on the muscles and skin. Thus, if there is not too much fat, then pressure and cellulites will not form. A good way to lose this fat is by eating healthy, which will keep the body functioning normally and will keep the hip area cellulite-free.

Try anti-cellulite treatments

Even though continuous research still has not found an ultimate solution for cellulite, there are still companies that claim to have produced products that can truly remove cellulites. These products include creams, lotions, and other topical cellulite treatments that are said to be effective. For people who do not have sensitive skin, it may be good to try these products. The possibility of getting desirable results may be limited, but the small percentage of the products’ effectiveness gathered from the producers’ experiments may still prove to be credible.

Prevention is better than cure

This advice may be a cliché but in the case of cellulite wherein a cure has not yet been found, prevention is truly better than cure. Rather than wait for the cellulite to appear, it is good to find ways to prevent it. It should be remembered that once it has appeared on the hip area or by the buttocks, there is a high possibility that it will remain there for life. As such, it is best to observe proper diet and exercise to lose extra fats before they apply pressure on the muscles and the skin. This will surely help stop the formation of cellulite as well as provide you with a body that can be the envy of many.


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