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If you really want to attain flawless skin, you should include a variety of foods in your diet as part of skin care. See, we know that many of you would buy a lot of beauty products just to keep your skin flawless and healthy looking. However, with a lot of skin care reviews available for us, we neglect to see that there are more practical ways to keep your skin healthy. That is, by just eating the proper foods, you’ll get the proper nutrients that your skin needs to lock in radiance.

Here are some of the things that your skin needs, that you can find right away.


What you need to eat are salmon, walnuts, vegetable oils and flaxseed. These foods are high in essential fatty acids (EFAs). Experts say that we need ample amount of essential fatty acids to form healthy cells. Aside from that, EFAs are known to help protect our skin from UV damage.

Smooth Texture

If you want to maintain (or attain) a smooth texture of your skin, you can eat foods that are high in vitamin A and carotenoids such as eggs, milk, carrots, and cantaloupe. Vitamin A is required to boost cell growth and division. When you don’t have an adequate amount of vitamin A, it’ll be hard for your skin to produce new cells or to let go of the old ones. As a result, if it doesn’t have the right amount of vitamin A, your skin will turn thick and scaly.

Make Blemishes Go

Again, the best way is to keep yourself (and your skin) hydrated. To help remove blemishes, you can start eating water-containing fruits and vegetables. If you drink a good amount of water every day, it helps flush out impurities that could lead to acne blemishes. Aside from that, a study showed that drinking mineral water can help bring out glow in your skin.


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